The American Dream is Destructive to Society

Flag Upside Down American

Does anyone find it weird that we have been told what our dream is as Americans? The American Dream is what we are to aim for. What it is? The Ameircan Dream is to have a more monied life than you parents before you. Right away, this makes your family, in the past the Patriarch of your family, your seedline and provider(s) your immediate competition. Now with ubiquitous women in the workforce, where does that leave American Families, Daughters and Newly-Weds?

Boomer women in the workforce have left our society’s children to be raised and socialized by God Knows Who. That work has also erased the domestic and traditional role of the woman. The state or the corporation or hireling has unnatural control of mankind’s most precious possession, His kin in His children. The diet Dreamer Women feed their families make the families fat, sickly and lazy and, instead of chores and a work ethic, the child’s day is mostly taken up with the State’s agenda and leisure.

How much less is the familiar bonding in our Post Modern World? An overseer can genuinely take care of the children and maybe even have genuine love for a few children under their care but, it’s not the parent’s love which is a greater love and a unique love. The biggest issue is what kind of values are your children going to absorb, that of Sumner Redstone’s Nickelodeon Pipeline to Trap Music and virtually pornographic Pop Stars who themselves lose their minds when one’s children are shuffled off as a commodity?

How are You Going to Feel When the Tranny Demon Comes to Play with Your Kids

Tranny Story Time.jpg

The freak is not an anomaly, it’s a potential Futur Unless We Move Against Forces Like It’s Backers, at the Very Least

“Fight the Future,” it was a line from the X-Files. The height of the X-Files was the mid-late 90’s. The show was “out there” but a family could watch it. What can a family watch now? TV today is much more destructive and much less conducive to family viewing today than ever before and therefore fracturous to the family. Most shows are just as crude or subversive as Married with Children but polished and classy looking and separately, UnGodly and divisive.

There are plenty of sports for one’s children but, they can be just a huge waste of time. The odds of being a professional player of any sport is much higher than incurring a serious injury, not that sports don’t have a place in a well-rounded life. Club Sports, however, take children from a whole district or town. How many people know their neighbors and can organize a neighborhood game.

This Love for Money, this American Dream is one big reason why society is eating itself unknowingly.

How many older children pursue an oddity online whether political, sexual or spiritual as they get older because of the effects of the System I have already touched on. Online is not only filled with just half-baked ideologies and agendas but also varying degrees of dangerous ones. It also teaches just general degeneracy and debauchery.

There is the Hot(Boiling) Water Challenge, Several Suicide Games, all the Way Over to Occultism and Satanism

Boiling Water.jpg

And Most of the In Between is Shit or Advantageous to the System and it’s agenda

The final point about the American Dream here is that it is an issue because it encourages infinity immigration and other unhealthy competition including cheating and thievery.

All sorts of people lie, cheat and steal but, some and certain types do it more than others. The government lies cheats and steals in it’s Neo Corporate and Proxy Games including war. An immigrant may not exactly steal but is very likely, if nothing else he is shirking his homeland and his people as well as those in the country he is entering even if he does it legally.

Note: I believe there is much more to be said. Please share your thoughts and consider taking up a more historically correct and hardline lifestyle. If in 5 generations, half the continent’s people’s are described as mixed-race atheists, many people may be truly considered as Human Resource in the Material Sense.

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  1. Ah the American dream: if you are to be successful then that means you have more stuff. How do you get more stuff with stagnant wages and limited opportunities? More debt Goyim! And we all know more debt = slavery.

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