You’ve Heard of the British Invasion but the Ugandan Monkey Pox Invasion?


In these exciting Multi-Cultural Times, there are some things that are exciting that you didn’t think would be exciting. Thirty-Five Years from now when most of us are getting up there in age and the then contemporary Katie Couric takes us all back to those crazy Trump years on our vid screens, she’s going to ask where you were when you first contracted Monkey Pox.

Well, 50% of the Westerners in those times in the future will say Africa but most of them either don’t have vid screens or don’t speak “the English.” They’re also going to have seen a lot of lot worse diseases. Many of them will have diseases when the broadcast airs. In the few remaining White Enclaves and Outposts, people are going to first ask “who put that bitch on the vid screen.” A few brave White Souls will be in the cities, “maintaining things.” A few will mutter “the Goddamn Pox is on us now” and the 360′ microphones will pick it up. The security bots will swiftly be dispatched and no one will ever see them again.

Remember where you are now when you read the next line. According to the BBC,

Monkeypox has been diagnosed in the UK for the first time, a public health body warns.

The first line of the article is quick for some reason to point out…

The rare viral infection does not spread easily between humans and most people recover within a few weeks.

Now we all need to remember that it was a nice Ugandan man of questionable origins and dubious purpose who brought Britain Monkey Pox.

We also need to remember when better and stronger diseases like cholera start popping up that we eradicated some of them once before and we can eradicate them once again for the Colored People. They had better hope we do it while there are still some of us left…

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