Is Crack Rock Going High Tech?

Crack is known as a highly addictive, highly destructive drug. Drugs these days are being improved. At least that is one way you could look at it. There is the legal weed K2, the super heroin fentanyl, high-end boutique weed and MDMA/Molly being more popularly differentiated from ecstasy. You also have nicotine vaping and the microdosing of hallucinogens.

What we’re left with is Meth and Crack. What are the businessmen involved in these ventures doing to differentiate and stratify their product? A more cynical author might say the meth and crack industries are dogs. Regular meth may have gotten a boost from breaking bad so, it makes sense to look to crack.

At least some crackheads are very squirrelly. So are some Meth Heads. Those guys will take apart lawnmowers and video game machines for no real reason. It makes more sense then that you might want to set up a crack pipe vending machine. Plus, crackheads may want to spend a lot of time outside and have quarters they begged for.

According to the New York Post,

One of the shady vending machines was found in Medford, cemented into the ground in front of the Fairfield apartment complex on Monday and removed by authorities, News 12 reported.

A second contraption, labeled “SPENS,” was also found Monday in front of a Home Depot in Coram and appeared to be functioning, with empty plastic dispensers strewn on the ground around it.

A third square blue machine labeled “Sketch Pens” was discovered in front of the Coram Commons shopping center as early as Aug. 31

All three machines were found in the Brookhaven Township on Long Island in NY. At least some areas of the township are not fun. There is no reason to go there and it has at least one ghetto. It is one of the most country-like areas of the Island but it is kind of a no man’s land. There’s kind of a lot of self-defense places and Long Island Red Necks. It’s neither city or Hamptons. It’s probably a place where you could expect to see crack pipe vending machines if they were allowed.

The radio played a soundbite of the Head Town Counselor. He was genuinely pissed.

Maybe crack doesn’t need to change with the times…

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