Predictive Programming and Beyond, I Wonder What’s Next?

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For those not familiar with “predictive programming” as it has come to be called, it is a subliminal technique used in the media to make the consumer’s mind fertile for future events or sway people in a certain direction on future choices. It does not have to be that subliminal.

Predictive Programming

Something like this seems to the middle of the road when it comes to how hidden the “programmer’s” messages are:

Simpsons 911.jpg

I first saw a video on this predictive programming stuff around 010 or ’11. It was weird and even offered a prediction for the next big event. Honestly, I think it could have been put out by intelligence agencies. There are two much more grounded and professional ones out now by ODD Reality. ODD Reality is more of a clearinghouse for all things “truth” or “conspiracy” than a discerning man. However, the videos he put out on 9/11 Predictive Programming pretty much speak for themselves.

The Original:







The Extended Version Tied to the Jewish:




I do not endorse every example cited in the two videos above. Nor are the two videos above exhaustive.

This ODD pulled together a lot of examples. So, assuming it’s real(and I personally believe it’s real), I wonder what’s next?

As I stated above, the first video I saw made a prediction. That prediction never came true. Being suspicious of that first video I saw, I realized there was another pattern the person who put together the video was flashing. It was various arrangements of the numbers 1,3,and 5. While I have pretty extensive records of that set of numbers, nothing made sense and it’s not a healthy or fruitful practice imo to look for these patterns. Fukushima was close to being associated with 1,3,5 as was the Boston Bombing which iirc was in maybe in May 2013…

There was a group of YouTubers who found another number set common to the media but that turned out to be some type of Masonic(?) Signature.

Where Does that Leave Inquiring Minds

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Gematria Effect News

If you’re looking for a share of spooky beyond Predictive Programming, I have to recommend Gematria Effect News. Gematria is numerology in a Jewish Tradition. The host of Gematria Effect News is not trying to predict the future with numerology per se. What he says is that The Masons or whoever the controllers are plan out the big events of the day according to what they think is a divine code(read devil code). I can’t say it’s true but, it’s pretty interesting.




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