Spiderman is Becoming Quite the Vehicle for Sexual Deviance [Marvel Spider-Man PS4]

spiderman lgbt.jpg

Spiderman is Peter Parker, resident of New York City and mostly perpetually a high school senior. In the comic books themselves, Peter Parker may be more like 25 but, it changes. In all the movies, he has been around high school age. Assumably, that carries over into the cartoons and video games too.

While the comics industry as a whole has been pushing post-modern lifestyles i.e. gender-bending, homosexuality diversity, et al, Spiderman has been appropriated as a great tool to the ends of postmodernism and Cultural Marxism. To say it another way, Spiderman is being well used to batter against at least the norms of 1000 years of Western Society.

Some people were saying that the X-Men were more pervasive a force in doing so. At this point in time, it seems Spiderman is doing more. James Garfield, the second contemporary Spiderman gave an interview where he said he would love to see a male or man cast in one of the two role’s Spiderman’s classical love interests. After that in the third and still ongoing iteration of Spiderman, half of the students are diversity hires. Now, New York City is obviously diverse but in these third set of movies, characters that are 50-70 years old that were White have been made into POC. Mary Jane, Spiderman’s normally red-headed love interest and future wife is some kind of South American. The cities breed rootlessness and a laissez-faire attitude. Maybe Peter Parker doesn’t care about race-mixing because he doesn’t have a family.

spiderman peter parker.jpg

Anyway, Marvel and Spiderman have hit a new low. They have included what looks to be numerous “Pride” flags around the game in various sizes. The game is based on the cartoon some I’m sure it will be free to influence younger people, normalizing homosexuality which is both a serious health risk as well as bad for all of mankind. Most parents probably won’t even know.

Here is a Sample


Russia and the other hardline former communist countries, even though they lived highly regimented lives under a brutal regime are smart enough to know that unlimited Liberty and Equality, each impossible on their own let alone together do not bring a better society. The fact of the matter is while we are told we are being made equal or the playing field is being made level, the reality is they are levelling the society.

A good change would be to revoke corporate personhood or bring down harsher penalties on the “artificial persons.”

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