As an Artist from the Netherlands, She Thinks I Would be a Better Person With My Head Cutoff

Heads Two.jpg

I admit it. I am at least consider myself some kind of NatSoc. Sometimes a great artist comes along that makes you see the world differently though. This time a woman from the Netherlands thinks that’s her. I hope not too many people are going to see the world her way because of her art. I don’t think they will.

Who has even heard of an artist from the Netherlands? Quite frankly, I’m not even sure which land mass the Netherlands is. I guess that’s part of my problem. I’m not worldly enough. You see, a lot of refugees to Europe, mostly invaders coming for that Eurodollar, those invaders know where the Netherlands is. Maybe I should feel less than, or guilty because they know. I do know like those invaders know where the Eurodollars are. I don’t have a short list of the most generous countries though. Unfortunately, even if I did and if I went to Europe to collect those Eurodollars and housings or even to become a citizen of the European Nations or Greater Europe, as a person of European descent, I would not be able to become a citizen or collect Eurodollars.

Anyway, there are all those people that want to give away everything their progenitors worked for and died for in Europe and in America. The artist, in this case, wants to do that. She wants to speed up the process and wishes we had had our heads cut off.

Now, the artist… is a woman(no word on her weight or looks) and named: Anne Bothmer.

This is her “work”


My first impression was like is this 22-year-old woman retarded… or disturbed? I read the article twice. It’s not mentioned that the artist is retarded or disturbed. Then I was like well, maybe this is kind of cool. I didn’t really like those cut-out things when I was a kid but if I could get the right angle and be seen as a Jihadist, that might get some people’s attention. The problem is, one can only be the victim.

According to RT

The panel features a masked ‘Jihadi John’ dressed in black, with one hand holding a knife while the other is resting on a kneeling victim clad in orange. The face of the victim is cut out, making room for a waiting visitor to pose as an IS victim.

So, I mean… that could be kind of cool if it had sound effects and it was animatronic and you hammed it up but, the “installation,” it’s is not for fun. The artist wants you and the rest of you to know that Europeans who have never been beheaded, are assholes because well:

Called Phantom Pain, the ‘artwork’ was created by 22-year-old Anne Bothmer, who said she wanted to give victimized Europeans a taste of what it’s actually like to be impacted by IS. Bothmer said she was inspired by the “massive stream of irrational reactions” sparked by “lorries driving into crowds, bombings and shootings.”

Notice she doesn’t mention rape and proto-sex-slavery…

If Ms. Anne Bothmer isn’t too fat or ugly and really wants to make a splash on the art scene she can bang five hundred swarthy men on video and incorporate that into a message for Europe… Just a suggestion.

She can work it into her thesis for the above-mentioned piece.

Here are some of her feelings on audio/video:

As a spectator of these attacks we do not want to experience it, but we want to be part of it. The overarching tone of the messages within the aftermath amplifies a feeling of collective victimization by European citizens,” she said. “However, in comparison, there were only a few who were really present at the attacks and the rest of Europe only perceived them through cinematic and photographic imagery.”

There is a million dollar idea in banging 500 swarthy men on video. Don’t doubt it Anne Bothmer.

Animatronics with sound effects would have been so much better and more uniting of Europeans. Instead, another girl, wet behind the ears wanted to be a moral authority and wound up looking like a cunt.

I would imagine that happens more often than you would imagine.

She should infiltrate a grooming gang… for the art and report back. Maybe she’s too much of a fat and ugly cunt though. I don’t know.

Also, who knows how many people really had their heads cutoff and finally, the bitch is using what was already beamed into people’s homes on the television or internet. By her definition, the beheading is not an authentic beheading. She either needs to film her own beheading or now be passed around by a thousand Pakis. 500 just isn’t enough.

1 Comment

  1. Utter stupidity posing as art: check
    No doubt getting paid by the government for it: check
    Artist with news stories being written about her but virtually impossible to find a picture of her: check
    I’ll give this artist a 6/10 on the kike possibility scale. Only a 6 because it is a woman so there is that.


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