The NPC is Coming!

NPC Head.png

NPCs are incoming. As in video games, the NPC stands for Non-Playable Character. The NPCs that populate and are represented in these memes are much worse than the vapid pre-programmed characters in games.

In fact, they are after The Feels Guy, Wojack:

NPC Crowd.png

The nefarious NPC will assimilate you into a “normalfag” or “normie” for short. You will no longer be excited by fun things or have fun with exciting things. No. Instead, you will your fun will come from things like keeping your cubicle clean and up to code.

A meme has been spotted of NPCs ripping the heart out of Wojack. We assume that is how one is assimilated.

Beware. They have gotten some Pepe’s too:

NPC Pepe.jpeg

This arifact was also found:

NPC Card.jpeg

Be wary, they are replicating fast.

1 Comment

  1. The guy who made the last one is a fucking brainlet. Again proving that #Theleftcantmeme. Gosh, this people is painful to watch.


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