Jon Voight and Liev Schrieber of Showtime’s Ray Donovan Belong in a Work Camp

George Costanza from Seinfeld bought his used Chrysler Le Baron mainly because the salesman told George the previous owner was Jon Voight. Back then, who of Gen X and Y knew who Jon Voight was? Why was he even mentioned on Seinfeld?

Jon Voight today is probably best known for his role on Showtime’s Ray Donovan. The show is about a Hollywood Fixer who got diddled as a kid. Jon Voight plays the tough guy ex(?) gangster who did nothing about the diddling. He is the diddled’s dad. The family is supposed to be Irish Catholic.

The show is extremely inauthentic. Despite Ray Donovan’s goyish good looks, in real life, he is a Jew and he’s raised his son one to be a homosexual. That’s not tough, that’s weird and gets weirder(see below) Maybe Leif diddles his kids. Or at least that one. There must be some reason a Jew can play a partially gay sexually abused man that’s been diddled. It’s something people should look at and think about.

The story of Jon Voight is even more odd. His story is stranger than when he bites George Costanza in Seinfeld. You see, far from being a gangster, Jon Voight is the Jews’ bitch. Jon Voight believes in the Jewish god but he’s not converting. He believes in the Jews, their god but, not Christ. Since one cannot have God the Father without the Son, Jon Voight is in kind of an untenable situation. I assume he just does whatever the fucking Jews tell him. Hence, he’s a Zionist.

Jon Voight follows a bunch of Talmudic Laws that are completely made up and prohibit Jesus as an idol. They are called the Noahide Laws. The kike says God gave them to Noah. The fact of the matter is, Noah never received any Laws.

Oy Vey, Jon Voight!

The Jews propound the Noahide Laws because it makes them feel special, like maybe they aren’t Christ Killing Devils. In their eyes, the Jews are the highest emanation of god, some god. The rest of us are just kind of here to be managed.The Noahide Laws are part of that management system. In the eyes of the Jew, Jon Voight is an excellent man because he knows his place. Voight serves them readily and denies Christ. Voight goes on FOX and Glenn Beck as kind of a mascot and cheerleader for Zionism.

jon voight zionis.jpg

Voight has been rewarded for his work. Off the top of my head, the public relationship of his daughter Angelina Jolie and his son was borderline incestuous. She had two failed marriages, cut off her breasts for no real reason and works at the U.N. for some reason.

Jon Voight, He’s a piece of shit and so is Liev Schreiber. It’s doubtful either of them were ever tough and they’re probably both as wicked as priest in the “entertainment” they offer us.

There is are reasons these shows are made and who makes them. Neither Liev or Voight have any idea what it is to be Irish Catholics.

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