memewar 9/20/18: Fedup on the Identity Front Edition

Sheesh, is someone trying to fracture the once European Nations into fighting the new comers or is it more than that? I think it’s much more.

First, we have a rough and tough example of the Right vs. Left, etc.

9-20 Walmart DOTR.jpg

Elmo is Riding Pretty Tough Too:

9-20 Elmo Bloods.jpg

Vibrant Minorities are Even Fighting Each Other with Machetes:

9-20 Machete Fight.jpg

But are They Minorities…

9-20 Minorities.jpg

The British Police were Probably on the Machete Fight but Maybe Not…

9-20 British Police.jpg

This Goes on Sometimes but We’re All Basically Human:

9-20 Twitter Genital Mutilation.jpg

At Least We’re Not Swedes…

9-20 Sweeden Warning.jpg

I Guess These Guys Below are White, Right?

9-20 Chinese White Supremacists.jpg

Chinese and Other Asians are Definitely On /pol/:

9-20 pol Diversity.jpg

9-20 pol society.jpg

Anyway, I’m not going to assert my thoughts and themes on these memes. It could lead to Group-Think.

Did Everyone Hear About the New Skyrim???

9-20 AR Skyrim.jpg

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