, the Free Speech Twitter Now dot com And Making More Advances for the Independent Internet

Can Gab Replace Twitter with Freedom and Honesty?


Gab: Much of the Story so Far

The upstart Free-Speech Alternative to Twitter is growing, and getting money, and advancing the cause of the “Free Internet.” It took Gab about 12-18 months to get a large enough user base to make things interesting. As something of the kin may have been expected, refugees from the domain revoked “neo-nazi” site Daily Stormer were the first large group to find safe harbor in Gab.

After that group moved in there, the Gab Management made a prudent move and sought to crowdfund from the new user base. Each $100 investment was potentially worth $1k but could only be cashed out if it hit $1k. At the same time, Apple also kicked Gab out of it’s App Store. Google Play would later do the same.

More users came in. Various changes were made to the user interface and there were at least two incidents of detente, one with the Gab Domain Host and, another with Microsoft do to user-generated content. Those two issues have not stopped Gab from growing. More and more disaffected users are joining Gab from various parts of the globe that were censored on other platforms. A large group of Brazilians are recent converts to Gab.

Gab is fun. For all kinds of Right Wing or Right Leaning users, there are a ton more voices to hear with different Rightest ideologies. Users are not, however, going to hear big-name voices, at least not yet. Between Minds, Gab and Twitter though, I get the most interactions on Gab. I have the most followers on Gab too.

Movin On Up… to the dot-com


Gab-dot-ai is now Gab-dot-com

Gab-dot-ai’s move to Gab-dot-com has been reported to cost a pretty penny, nearly a quarter-million dollars for the upgrade. The reported:

we wrote about being sold for $220,000. The domain had previously sold for $200,002 on Sedo back in 2014.

The sale took place on Flippa and as expected the buyer is now revealed as the social networking site that has gained a lot of publicity over the last year.

Publicity for Gab Keeps on Coming and Gab Keeps on Growing

Most of the publicity shown on Gab last year was negative or regarding embattlement. There is, however, a Gab Wikipedia Entry.

Most recently, in Breitbart’s article on Gab, Social Media Platform Gab to Silicon Valley: ‘You Will Be Replaced,’ Gab’s CEO, Andrew Torba makes so bold assertions:

Andrew Torba spoke to Breitbart News about the websites rebranding stating: “This week Gab announced a rebrand to in order to continue our mission of defending free expression and individual liberty online for all people.” Torba continued: “ is the next chapter in our story. We are maturing as a platform, as a brand, and as a community of people from around the world. We seek to free humanity from the chains of Silicon Valley’s data silo, psychological manipulation, censorship, and ideological echo chambers.”

Silicon Valley has to have the greatest control over industry, and an industry of great power, they probably hold the greatest power over people and government besides the agricultural industry and the governments themselves.

To wit,

“Approximately 150,000 of our users have joined from Brazil after intense censorship by Silicon Valley during their ongoing Presidential election. We are also seeing explosive growth from India and Sweeden after a recent wave of censorship aimed at major influencers on the right,” said Torba.

While the Trump Administration is playing footsy with the idea of anti-trust inquiry and legislation against Silicon Valley and launching what maybe could be called trial balloons,” with an eye towards anti-trust action, Andrew Torba took more concrete action, launching another round of crowdfunding to build infrastructure:

To help us accomplish our goals and build out our free speech infrastructure, we are opening up a round of funding today directly to The People,” said Torba. “Our users can invest in the company, own stock, and join us on our journey to build the home of free speech online. This is also sending a powerful message to Silicon Valley: The People can fund, power, and build our own platforms, you will be replaced.”

Gab has raised $280,000 in less than 24 hours with its new campaign.

You can “Get on Gab” to try it out if you wish, again, at and see if it is for you.

To the Future

I know Gab was looking to add a blockchain. I believe they still are. They also have curated topics, user-generated topics, a video section and a premium user level among everything else and with whatever else they add.

Death to Monopolies!

Hail Gab!


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