Faith Goldy for Mayor of Toronto? A Brief Action Report

Faith Goldy No Liberals.jpg

Remember when Rebel Media had two or three good looking girls in their ranks? Right now, Rebel Media seems to have a bunch of older women on their “news” team, maybe a guy or two and an attractive thirty-something dancer turned e-celeb. Gavin McInnes is no longer at The Rebel either. He probably hasn’t been there for some time.

The staff that The Rebel had two years ago has literally all passed through. I guess you could say everyone was pretty much Alt Lite except for Gavin McInnes who’s also Bi-Curious. Lauren Southern made a documentary about South Africa. The one that had the nose job and Jack Prosobiec were short-lived commentators and there might have been another one. Then there was Faith J. Goldy. The last we saw Faith Goldy at The Rebel was around the time of the disastrous “Unite the Right I.” She was fired from The Rebel for being to chummy with the “White” crowd.

I don’t recall seeing her much since then but, here she is now:

Faith Goldy for Mayor.jpg

Aside from the “she’s an Alt Right Neo-Nazi,” type articles, Faith is doing decently in the race… She’s in a distant Third as calculated by Main Street Research Canada in data released 9-18-18:

The poll also asked which mayoral candidate they were planning to vote for. Among decided voters, incumbent John Tory leads with 61.8%, while Keesmaat has 25.6%. Faith Goldy has 6% support while 6.4% of Torontonians said they would support another candidate.

There was a debate earlier today regarding the contest and Miss Goldy was excluded, however, according to vdare,

Sarah Climenhaga and Saron Gebresellassi, both left wing fringe candidates, are being included despite having negligible poll numbers.

Not to be outdone, Miss Goldy showed up to the debate she was deplatformed from and tried to announce her legitimacy to her opponents and to the crowd, proved with a petition signed with over 5000 signatures that she be heard…

And, here’s how that worked out:

Physical Removal

A lot of the people seemed genuinely soured by the actions of Miss Goldy.

It seems to be another one of these cases of speech for me and not for thee. I’ll applaud Miss Goldy.

We need more people willing to put themselves on the line now before those who go forth later risk real bodily harm.

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