Memewar: Thursday Thoughts in Memes 10-4-2018

It’s a wild world. When will it go terminal, amirite? There are a lot of good men out there, Anons, Infowarriors, Identitarians, Alt Righters, Truthers, and the Others…

Can We Stem the Tide?

8-28 drowning.jpeg

Some People Say That I’m a Dreamer:

9-29 Ford Thrown.jpeg

Some Pople Live Corrupt Dreams:

9-29 Believed.jpeg

Some People Live Life and Take No Shit:

9-29 DumpSite.jpg

Others Wanna Tear the Whole Thing Down:

9-29 Koala.gif

Some are so Timid as to be Harrassed by Moths:

9-29 Moth Lamp.jpg

Some Men are Sharp, They are fortunate Enough Not to be Bothered by Moths:

10-2 Kavanaugh.jpg

The Fact of the Matter is, Jails are Filling Up with Leaders and Famous Faces, It’s Not Really a Joking Matter:

9-29 Shawshank.jpg

Some are Lucky Enough to be Optimistic and Moving Forward:

9-29 psa.jpg

Have Fun Frens, Don’t be Vulgar:

9-30 my cock.jpg

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