There is No Ethnic Cleansing in America or the West

I can’t bring myself to use the term White Genocide. That would be uncouth. What is couth is Diversity and anyone who says “Diversity is Code Word for White Genocide” is extremely uncouth.

Take a Look At This Diversity as Approximated by the Pew Research Center here:

Changing Face of America.jpg

I won’t Call It Ethnic Cleansing

I won’t call it destabilization of a nation by an admixture of disparate races. Don’t dare call it Balkanization when the center cannot hold. Don’t complain when the Freedoms Enshrined by White Men are taken away when White men no longer have control of the country.

Also, Democrats are not “Steal from the rich give to the poor” Socialists and they are definitely not “Hate on Whitey to get that Almighty Dollar” Demagogological Socialists. All the Black Heros, all the POC Heroes, they’re all as pure as the driven snow.

The current system is not a many geared Socialism geared for the Oligarchs.

There is no reason for White People to form up like Voltron. White men really have nothing in common – that’s why we don’t reproduce even at a replacement rate.

The world, if you listen to POC and a large swath of those with power that belonging one way or another to the Land of Israel would be better off without the White Race which really doesn’t exist anyway. For them, it’s easy, the White race can just disappear and be bred out. Once the White Race is gone, all the Peoples of Color who have accomplished much less will surely excel. The White race, will never again be existent and will never again oppress.

Maybe, somehow, someway, The Western Hemisphere can be rewilded and even forgotten about as the Asian and Middle Eastern Powers fight amongst themselves. I suppose the Western Hemisphere could be a dual-use mining and holiday colony.

Magic Kingdom.jpg

Let’s break The West already and get on with the excitement. The North American Disney properties alone could both be as large as the disgustingly dirty L.A. County. in California.

There is no ethnic cleansing, it’s just remodeling and repurposing.

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