Kanye’s Love for Trump has Him Getting Fucked Now

As everyone probably knows, Kanye West recently got an audience with The President and The President got a major photo op.

There are a Ton of Pictures and Kanye Looks Right at Home

Kanye Maga White House.jpg

Now, being careful not to go too far back in this story, Kanye got blowback on and after his appearance on SNL. During that appearance, a musical performance, Kanye dropped about 40 seconds of politicized speech. He went into it talking about the Democratic Party’s affiliation, their real affiliation with the KKK. He also mentioned that he was bullied by the SNL staff not to wear his MAGA Hat.

As rap is pretty much Black Identity Music, Kanye has alienated himself, in part, from the community of mainstream commercial Hip-Hop. The rapper T.I. has been coming down on Kanye. These people tend to like less order than what Trump has to offer.

What Kanye is doing is pretty courageous assuming it’s real. To this author, he seems genuine. Part of why he seems genuine is that it is taking a toll on his mental health. In true rap superstar and in part, Black Pipl Fashion Kanye came out in support for Trump bombastically. He came out for Trump on stage, at a concert. Unfortunately, he couldn’t keep it straight and hold it down. He was taken out of that concert at least for cautionary mental health reasons. When he reemerged, it was at Trump Tower where he met Trump the first time since Trump became President.

Kanye seems to be seeking order in Trump but the man in the common parlance is extremely “schizophrenic.” Maybe that is why he is seeking order. He’s seeking out a fairly conservative figure in Trump. At the same time though, he supplied the fashions and entertainment for a Porn Hub event. Kanye had his hit song Jesus Walks but then put out a song proclaiming himself a “god” on the Yeezus Album. Worst of all, while Kanye reps Christianity and his own godhood, his close collaborator is a piece of shit who is definitely into the occult(Masonry) and into Aleister Crowley.

Here’s Kanye’s Close Collaborator, JayZ in a Crowleyanity Hoodie:

JayZ Do What Thou Wilt.jpg

Worst of All, Kanye’s Wife, Kim Kardashian is Reportedly in with Marina Abramovic the Host of Strange Mock Blood Ritual Parties and Maybe More

Abramovic Karsashian.png

So, we have Kanye all over the map with a bunch of creepy people close to him and he’s going against all that. What’s the worst that could happen?

What could happen is what happens when a bunch of immoral and/or severely immoral people are basically in a collective, they sticking it to you.

Well, it seems to be happening now in a significant way. A brotha, Chalamagne tha God, who surely keeps his ears to the streets is pulling out of a New York Times Talk or Times Talk with Kanye about overcoming mental illness. Tha “God” wrote pretty vaguely as to why he pulled out but did it in a manner that if read a certain way alludes that Kanye is mentally ill for supporting Trump.

From Instagram:

cthagod:”Normalizing being mentally healthy is a conversation that I really wanted to have with Kanye because he’s been so vocal about his own mental health struggles. Unfortunately I think to have that conversation with him right now would not be productive and a total distraction from the point of the convo which is to eradicate the stigma of mental health especially in the black community.”- ME.

Dirty Dealings by a dark hive.

Let’s all hope Kanye can do more than maintain and get a little more than he is doing done.

Kanye Power Heaven.png

BTW, according to toofab Dave Chappelle is supporting Kanye:

“I’m not mad at Kanye. That’s my brother — I love him, I support him,” Chappelle told CNN’s Van Jones in an interview tape before the rapper’s wild Oval Office meeting with Trump on Thursday. “But, you know, I don’t have to agree with everything that he says.”

We’ll see how long this thread in Kanye’s life goes on.

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  1. My take on this is the guy is doing a masterful job of self promotion. He’s in the entertainment industry where pretty much everything is scripted. He’s in a business where it is extremely difficult to stay relevant because like porn, they’re always looking for a fresh face to put forward and right now he’s managed to stay all over the news.

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