Is Netflix Racist or Are Black Pipl?

Netflix seems like it should be the least likely subscribed Streaming or Television Service for anyone on the right that is seriously minded.

There Were Already Several Attempts at Netflix Boycott Organization

Boycott Netflix Abortions

From What this Author has Seen, the Programming Sucks


The programming not only sucks but, it seems to be getting worse. As if Bill Nye, Fake Scientist wasn’t bad enough, there is some weird Faux Militant Black college revenge show. Furthermore, the Obama’s are going to have their hands in some new upcoming shows.

Netflix must have what share they are going to get of the White Pipl market with all the pandering they do to Blacks. However, Blacks are not going to watch Bill Nye the Science Shill. In fact even Luke Cage, a solo show about a Black Marvel Comics Hero has just been cancelled. It may not have been for racial reasons, maybe the show sucked. A lot of the big budget Comic Book movies are pretty crappy and have odd costume and atmospheric choices.

As a Progressive Company, It Might Not Look or Feel Good to Cancel a Failing Spinoff Starring a Black Character

Netflix Luke Cage

Luke Cage Failing May Be Enough to Make Netflix Panic

Either way, Netflix is resorting to dumb and desperate measures to keep Black people interested. According to the BBC:

It’s been accused of “misleading” black users by showing promotional shots of black cast members in films and TV shows – even if they had a minor role.

This Woman From Twitter Seems To Think It’s Pretty Bad:

And That Sounds Pretty Bad

If Netflix were trolling people, that would be pretty funny but they are not and deny the notion they are trying to bait Black Pipl into watching shows with little presence of Black Characters through false pretenses. Netflix denies the allegations.

Netfix told Newsbeat: “We don’t ask members for race, gender or ethnicity so cannot use this information to personalise their individual experience.

However, the BBC says Netflix does have the capability to personalize the “movie posters” users see. Netflix probably has state of the art analytics too.

Netflix went on to say that:

“The only information we use is a member’s viewing history.”

So, Netflix could definitely be baiting Black Pipl into watching movies by showing a Black Character from the respective movie. That would kind of prove Black people are racist and racism is natural.

On the other hand, as the BBC only sample two Black Twitter Users on the subject, these two Black Twitter Users could be paranoid that White TV Pipl are after them. That would prove that at least some people are racist and it has made them mentally ill.

Boycott Netflix

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