The AfD May Soon be Totally Compromised

One might say the story following “is some bullshit.” Frankly, we should have seen it coming. The AfD, Alternative for Deutschland is maybe now totally sold out. In fact, they’ve only really ever tolerable and maybe a hope to those who believe in the self-determination of a moral and ethnic state – more importantly, building/rebuilding that state.

There is a JAfD now. It is still small. It is a Jewish contingent of the AfD. The only question now is really how involved the “J’s” in the AfD will be. That’s just the one issue.

Here Was an Early AfD Red Flag – The AfD’s Lesbo Bundestag(Parliment) Leader

AFD Lesbo

Alice Elisabeth Weidel – She’s a Pervert

Another general issue, and it’s something many have fallen for is the Alternative label. Pretty much everyone in Gen X and the Millennial Generation should know to or wise up and drop and/or shun pretty much anything labelled Alternative. Alternative is a terribly capitalistic term originally for degenerate pop. In a way, it was used to sell what was supposedly organically happening outside the music industry. As it was sold by the industry, the music was still largely soulless. Alternative became a selling point for all sorts of stuff – some good, some bad.

Alternative can be anything. Alternative is vapid. What we seek to do is reset things to the natural state with an eye on moving forward – to set things right. That is not the alien and should have never been relegated as Alternative. As if the current state of affairs constitutes natural.

As a collective, the Alt Right needs a new name and the Germans need another party. The issue is not just the Lesbo.

The Jews are Making AfD Logos for Their Contingent


To Put the “J” at the Front Was Something, Then There is the Rest of the Logo

Logos means truth and the truth that the AfD is seeking is at best vague and at worst contradictory or not truth at all.

The site that carried the story about the JAfD couched it as controversial. There are not that many Jews in the JAfD right now, about 20. As the Wyoming Public Media Site reported though,

Wolfgang Fuhl, 58, was an AfD candidate in Baden-Württemberg, a state in southwest Germany, in last year’s federal election. He is Jewish and a founding member of Jews in the AfD. He scoffs at the idea of being used by his own party.

There is an awful, awful lot of flack given to the idea that this Jew is standing with the AfD in the article. It’s overkill. Nobody asks if he is an infiltrator or planning on exploiting the AfD.

“Believe me, I’m not being exploited by anybody,” Fuhl says. “I’m a conservative person and I’d like to continue to live in Germany. We’re roughly 140,000 Jews in this country; it would only take a week for us all to leave. And we’d be leaving not because of the AfD or the right-wing extremists, but because of Islamic anti-Semitism.”

Germany is a very important country geographically and economically. It is the heart of Europe. Just a Qaddafi knew there would be a flood of invaders into Europe, so too must have The Powers That Be and they had to have known a rise of the Far Right would be inevitable. Any of the “other” is a potential threat to our movement depending how they come to us, etc. We have to Fash-Up from the bottom up. We have to build with what we have until we are needed. When we are never be eager to accept any of the usual suspects. Those who we do accept need to agree to our terms.

The Germans had better be watching the AfD and be ready to move against them in the political arena when The Party’s negatives outweigh the positives.


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