Synagogue Shooter has Brought Heavy Pressure to

The Tree of Life Synagogue Shooter, Robert Bowers or Robert Bowen wrote of his intentions cryptically on Gab, the Free Speech Twitter Alternative. As such, has been the focus of a lot of people today.

Apparently, Gab got kicked from their host. There was talk of them losing their dot com domain too.

I have conflicting info,

This, From Earlier in the Day

Gab Torba Endures.png

And This More Recent One

Gab Changeover.png

So, the site may be down at some time tomorrow

Word is that right now, Gab is being DDOSed. Nothing on Gab is actually working except for the feed.

Patrick Little’s of J-Walking Infamy, he still seems to have an account. No word on his business plans going forward.

Torba Put Out this Interesting Statistic

Torba Hate Stats

So, Gab endures. It’s not like the shooter was super obvious or blatant about what he was doing.

It Seems like Gab’s Most Enduring Problem will be that They Got Kicked from Paypal

For whatever it’s worth, Slate wants “hate speech” banned. It’s doubtful that that is a new policy of theirs.

Paul Joseph Watson Wrote a Post About Gab on Infowars

Tim Pool has Some Shit on the Victory of Censorship

I’m not sure if it’s facetious. Pool looks like he’s putting on some weight and a little less slick, a little grubby tbh.

Finally, Torba has Released an Interview He Did with the fruits Over at NPR, it’s on Periscope

Bonus News

No Comment

Actually, the Ultra-Orthodox are gonna load up Bowen’s commissary. That’s not me being glib. One of the Ultra-Orthodox in Tel Aviv went to prison for stabbing participants of a Pride Parade. When he got out, he did it again.

Gab Advocate.jpeg

In a few days, Gab should be back, and better than ever.

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