New Taylor Swift Political Stumping/ Propaganda

Taylor Swift released her second political message. It was released on Instagram and  sites like the Daily Beast are easily able further compound Miss Swift’s propaganda efforts.

With a Headline like this, Some People are at Least Going to Give Pause

dailybeast taylor swift bs

“Fear Based Extremism”

Fear based extremism is really a disingenuous term to use considering a mass-murder assault on “The Chosen” was just carried out on Saturday. Taylor Swift is ostensibly referencing the political race in her home of Tennessee.

As a Millennial graduate of public school, this author was taught that racism, homophobia and the like was never justified. Furthermore, I was taught that the perpetrators of intolerance were always just unjustifiably scared.

While the issue Taylor has is with homophobia or some bullshit, plenty of people are going to conflate the Pop Tart’s message – almost assuredly if they’re scanning the headlines – with the Tree Of Life Massacre but,

Plenty of People Will be Conflating this Message with the Massacre

swift bredesen

It’s Real a Cheap Unethical Example of Propaganda

At least 99 out of 100 Republicans are not extremists. People seeking to enable and promote degenerate lifestyles are extremists. Taylor does so with the cross.


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