Q Anon the Game

Note: While I myself have downloaded the Q Cards, I have not yet unzipped them – mainly because I haven’t had the time. In getting ready to write this, however, I realized the download is from GitHub.io. In case you are unsure like I was as to what the deal with github.io is, it is an official GitHub.com page. It redirects here:


QAnon Cards.jpg

The Game

I found the Q game while looking for any Illuminati Cards I might be missing. I have most of them. I’m not sure what they call these games. I don’t think they’re role-playing games. In a broader sense, I think the game is like Magic the Gathering or Pokemon. If it’s closest to anything, it’s probably the Illuminati Card Game. There is at least one card that sounds like an homage to The Illuminati Game.

The Q Anon Card might be hard to actually play considering I don’t think the physical cards were ever mass produced. The game has actions, people, items, places and maybe another class. The game has Trump, QAnon, Hitler @jack and 116 other cards for 120 cards total.

The fact of the matter is it’s probably for queers. Either way, people might have a use for it.

Love it or Hate it, Play it(?) or Meme it.

The Q Cards can be found here: https://genesis55.github.io/QCards/?card=GITMO#qcards-viewer


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