Big Robot News: Pizza Hut, Norway

One: Norway is said to be readying robot postal carriers

No video of the actual carriers are out there. It seems some countries or munis(municipalities) are using fairly new robot sorters, video available on YT.


Two: Two new low-class pizza-dispensing robots

A. You thought the Toyota Tundra could double as your Urban Assault Bug-Out Vehicle? Pizza Hut May be using it as a go anywhere(?) mobile pizza oven.

Short ~1 Minute






~ 30 Seconds




Long ~5 Minutes





And the Japs, notorious for odd innovation, have a Vending Machine




Whether these guys are gays or shills or maybe just gay hipster Christians, they’re shitty Christians and they grab ass on their show like 10 year old besties. Their work is generally at least somewhat agonizing to sit through but they post a lot of cribbibable shit, at least in the ‘news” session they do. All the shills and stupid idiots are connected. Making them, I guess, all shills.

Canary Cry Radio, only for those with patience:






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