What Fate Awaits Our Contemporary Jews in the Month Ahead?

It’s been a rip-roaring ride for American Jews in these last few days.

Alas, ’tis the Jewish Life

Who can forget Robert Bowers(or the Mossad) shooting up the oh-so-ironically named Tree of Life Synagogue? I guess the death count is still 11 and at least 4 police officers were wounded.

Donald Trump, word-smith of the every man said he and our United States would destroy those who seek – seek to – destroy Jews. While that is strong wording, Orange Man left himself a lot of latitude in that speech.

There have been several anti-semitic graffitis found, two in NY and I heard one in CA. One in NY was obviously fake and the one inside the Synagogue was done by a ~19 year old nigger.

A big positive for the kike is that Don Tron Donald Orange Man will be officially pulling out of the Iran Deal and reinstating sanctions. Generously, the new sanctions have proscriptions allowing for “Allies” to still get cheap oil, presumably from Iran.

What I want to know dear reader, is who’s the one making book on whether the kike childs with Israeli Measles – now around 18 childrens – will pass or pull through.

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