His Hate Crime was Setting Fake Christians Straight, Literally


UPDATE: The Pastor is a fag and gave an interview that was played on the radio in NYC Markets.

From the Sayville Patch,

“According to police, an LGBT flag was stolen from the front of Sayville Congregational United Church of Christ, located at 131 Middle Road in Sayville, on July 29.”

He stole the flag five more after that.

“Following an investigation, Hate Crimes detectives arrested Ronald Tyler Witt,”

He is a 21 year old Sayville man

Congregational Churches are descendants of the Original Judeos – The Quakers and the like. It is always said they came here fleeing persecution. They came here because they were kikes or kikish.

The Unitarians are another Kikish group rebranded. They’re probably the worst. One of their big spots in Manhattan is spoopy and has a letter chiseled in it’s name over the door stylized to look like horns. Sayville is a weird enough spot that Congregationalists may be there.

They are regressive and progressive wanna be Jews or actual crypto Jews. They are not Christian but as they use a veneer and promote degeneracy and liberalism, in a Fascist State or even in a sane state, they should be somehow weeded out for fraud at the minimum.

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