Antisemitism is the New Anti-Semitism

Some people say the Jews are the Chosen. Others have said the Jews are shape-shifters and devils. Either way a lot of people don’t like Jews.

Stuart Smalley Would Cope – Coming to the Conclusion that “That’s Okay”

Stuart Smalley

Are Jews okay? Well, it depends on your definition of okay and the context in which those Jews are placed.


The Jews themselves have spent untold time, untold riches, and untold efforts in trying to get everyone in the world, to at the very least, say Jews are “okay.” They may be “The Chosen” but, for the last ~2000 years, Jews haven’t had the best time. For you to say they are “okay” probably won’t be enough for them in the long run but, that’s another story.

In the last ~200 years, Jews have been able to take control of most everything as other people have been falling apart. That fact too, is another interesting story.

As there are no mind control methods that really work on a mass scale, perception management is a big deal for Jews. If you haven’t heard, Jews are kind of a big deal when it comes to higher education. As such, they have captured various Institutions of higher learning in efforts to make more people and eventually everyone okay with them. One day if you are not okay with Jews, you’re probably going to die but, but everybody dies.

The Jews want So Bad to be “Okay”

Thumbs Up


To the end that the Jew becomes okay, “The Good Folks” over at The University of Indiana, Bloomington, Jewish folks, have an Institute for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism. Ironically, the institute studying “Contemporary Antisemitism” only has a “working definition” of antisemitism. It is what it is…

We have to remember that perfecting Jewish life – making themselves feel okay – really just means healing the dumb bigot masses and such.

Jews are super-committed to feeling okay, They are extremely detail oriented. The Institute at Bloomfield Indiana is working with the U.S. State Department to combat antisemitism online and released a report to that end to The U. S. State Department in July of 2017.

While it is over a year since the report has been released, it has not been widely publicized. Hardly anyone knows that the institute uses

the non-hyphenated spelling of “antisemitism” that has become more
and more common in academic research and might help prevent the misunderstanding that antisemitism is simply opposition to “Semitism.”

That is very interesting as an “-ism” is a construct. In a sense, -ism refers to a culture and way of being, in this case, who Jews are. Using the term smart academics do, antisemitism, there will now be no confusion about what is wrong. The problem is dumb bigots.

Antisemitism is wrong, Amirite?


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