That Hipster’s Shite, Vice News, is Tanking

Vice has been around for a long time, since the 90’s. Gavin McInnes was one of the then magazine’s founders. Unfortunately for McInnes, he left before Vice got the big money. After that and before Vice got really big, they were at least in part cool with people like this author because they had excellent skateboard bio videos. Vice probably discontinued those.

Vice is Now Shite, Thoroughly Infected by the Globo Homo

apu angry

Apu Apustaja Will Never be Covered Favorably by Vice for His Skateboarding or for Anything Else

It’s bad times at Vice. While they had a weird fake-news/shill-news interview with Barak Bama before Trump even announced his run, apparently Vice shed it’s cool quite some time ago. This author is uncertain what the present year holds for Vice on the home screen on HBO. However, even 4-6 years ago, Vice on HBO was manipulating people with hype and other forms of sensationalism about things and events that just weren’t the way Vice was trying to say they were.

Currently at ~630 PM EST on 11/9/2018, Vice has two trendy stories about the heron that seem disgraceful and glossy. They have two more stories on drugs. The drug headlines in total seem to send a mixed or at least laissez faire attitude even on hard drugs.

There are two videos favorable to Mexicans interloping into the U.S.. Then there is one story about Hondurans that casts the incoming caravan looking to crash through our gates favorably. Sympathy, empathy and muh feels seem to be the route Vice is going with all of those Mexican stories.

Touching on just two more stories, one is entitled “The Queer, Trans, Non-Binary Strippers Taking Aim at Toxic Masculinity.” That story has a thumb with something on a stripper pole that may or may not be a human. The second one is called “Why We Should All Be Watching More Queer TV.”

The stories listed above are the most repulsive and culturally Marxist on right now. There are more that, unless one was missed, are too pathetic to bother even mentioning. It’s hard to say who Vice’s audience is. Their top story looks to be pretty standard coverage about the Mid-Term election.

And So,

Vice Sux

It’s Worse Than That Though

Vice was seemingly cool at one time because they had the skateboarding stuff and would go to weird and dangerous locations in good humor, adventuring. Now, they don’t do that. Now they push bleeding edge degeneracy in an attempt to normalize it.

The site is not aesthetically pleasing, nor are the thumbnails they use for their stories. Amazingly, Variety reported Vice is worth $5.7 billion. A good portion of big money that invested in Vice(Vice Media) is Disney money.

From Variety,

On Thursday, Disney disclosed a $157 million write-down on its stake in Vice as part of reporting results for the September 2018 quarter.

That represents a decline of around 40% from Disney’s original $400 million investment in Vice three years ago, which gave it a direct 10% ownership stake.

Since the time Disney invested with Vice, another company, TPG has invested in Vice. At the time TPG invested, 6/2017, Vice Media was valued at $5.7 billion.

Disney’s write-down (based on its estimated 19% total stake in Vice) suggests Vice has lost more than $800 million in value.

Since Disney has invested in Vice, their position has actually appreciated. From  the article in Variety, it looks like TPG is taking the worst hit right now. is like a bourgeois’ Antifa website, if that. It’s boutique hipster sensibilities selling degeneracy.

What could they possibly be raising more funds for?

Say a prayer all of Vice’s property goes through the wood chipper and, soon. Maybe most of Disney’s too.


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