Israel Will Make Bold Moves on Jerusalem


Many Were Chumped

Trump got chumped and he made us, his once and current followers chumps. In his campaign, he was all about America. He was a lot of talk. While he constantly bloviated on #MAGA, he also signaled with a lot of dog whistling against the Jew. For one, he called out Jon Stewart using Stewart’s real Jewish last name early on. Trump also made it sound like Israel would even have to pay a lot more for their defense.

While the Alt Right Media “Leaders” obviously cherry picked the information on Trump they reported, they did a great disservice to all of us that trusted them.

RN, the Greater Alt Right has very little to show for voting Trump and those same media leaders continue down there road of  pushing for voting as they did with the midterms. What the Big Jew Conglomerate and the rest of the Plutocracy wants is what we are going to get unless we start getting out there in the field. The only one who has done that in our circles properly is Patrick Little.

Patrick Little for all his bravery and valiance was blacklisted by the “big two,” TRS and The DailyStormer. It’s been long past time for DS to wrap things up. Hopefully, Anglin will lose his lawsuit and be pigeon-holed into into the tramp/vagabond life. He fucks up everyday and was hugely responsible for “our” support of Trump.

The Fallout Issue at Hand

I will be expanding on the nuts and bolts of these issues.

Trump removed the biggest hurdle for the Jew to take Jerusalem. They want all of it. As they say, it’s their “Eternal Capital.” To that aim, The U.S. Embassy and Consulate will maintain a dual residence. That’s getting the foot in the door for the Jew. People talk about “Greater Israel but Israel definitely are making sure that near term expansions come within the Mandate for Palestine.

The Jews are sinking money to build the infrastructure of the Palestinian half of Jerusalem, most likely because they are going to take it.

The Jew wants the Old City which is dead center straddling the Jewish and Palestinian portions of Jerusalem. There, once encircled it will be the Jews.

The next step is to set up the Temple which countless Judeo Christians falsely think Biblical. This is where the war comes in and also why the Iran Pact with the U.S. is being reneged upon. Iran is the greatest threat to Israel but not really a threat. However, keeping with the strategy of keeping potential enemies from even getting on it’s feet.

What is a Podcast, What is a Leader, What is Effective?

We were lied to by our leaders, they blacklist new people and have led many of us into endorsing the coming scenario I outlined above. Exactly how it will go down can not be ascertained but, what is listed is a solid gathering of the facts and where they point.

They are shutting down our online activities. IRL Little-Like tactics are the future. Listening to Podcasts are hardly of any value alone excepting what you pay for them.

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