Ariana Grande: I’m God, a Vagina

Ariana Grande is breaking records on the chart. How so? It doesn’t really matter. Part of it is having a dead ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller. Another part of it was dumping her last bf, a bf who went on to insult a veteran with a missing eye a few weeks before her album was dropping. Another reason still is deifying herself of the vagina in her still chart topping single “God is a Woman.”

Grande is a beautiful girl, probably more so in front of the camera. Honestly in the “God is a Woman” video, at times, Grande is absolutely radiant. The problem is, you can’t always judge a book by it’s cover. Grande, like many celebs is said to be into the Occult and similar strangeness.

Grande, in her lyrics is positioning herself as some kind of sex goddess and, right in the first verse of her song she says so:

You, you love it how I move you
You love it how I touch you
My one, when all is said and done
You’ll believe God is a woman

In the song, Grande finishes that verse – again saying “you’ll believe god is a woman.”

She does so in a colorful pastel pussy pool.

Grande pussy 1

The Full Pool is Cutoff in the Available Photos but it is a Vesica Pieces, the Basic Shape of the Vagina

The video is highly pornographic and weird with two or three more scenes signaling the female private form. There is a large candle with a with another vesica piscis type shape flame, Grande appears in front of it a few times. There are also a silhouette of wide man-spreading woman’s legs and whatever else.

The thing with the Occult or occulted(hidden meanings) is that we are not supposed to know. This author could not tell you what the whole video means. However, over time, it seems the meaning comes out. If the children and the impressionable are not negatively influenced by this video, by it’s openness or occulted nature, I think we’d be lucky.

Arrana Grande’s “God is a Woman” is the ultimate in decadent degeneracy and should be withheld from the children and impressionable everywhere.

Degeneracy Not Art – Like a Certain Alt Light “Performance Artist” Might Argue

We Ain’t Never Gonna Get No Peace Here


DOTR or Broke



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