The Queering of TV: How Queer is Queered?

If  FOX and Married with Children marked a new era in television, a degenerate era, this year, 2018, may be the year that marks saturation for the queers on TV, maybe not.

This, Might Now be Considered Homophobic, If Not It Will be


There is No Place for “Homophobic” Jokes Now that the Homosexual is Enthroned

When Al Bundy was getting a “wash and blow” with his “No Ma’am” crew,  all they had to do to get their dignity back, as Al said was wash the gay away. In hindsight, those that were adults then needed to dump Al and FOX. Too many of those men and women’s sensibilities were too far gone to see either Al or the “wash and blow” episode as a sort of trojan horse. It was just good fun.

As there was little degeneracy on the television in it’s “Golden Years,” the Queering of American Television took a similar route. First, the queers degeneracy was turned down. AIDS came along and made them somewhat sympathetic to the population. In schools,  “Sex Education” normalized sodomy to Gen X and the Millennials. Then came Will and Grace and a push for “equal rights.” To some women, a homosexual was similar to a little puppy in a big purse. In the in between, many of us laughed at the gays. Others had a “Gay Cousin.” Americans were made to learn to tolerate the gays. All gays are degenerates though.

The Bundy’s Were Tolerated as Our Society Degenerated

Bundy washed and blown

The Gays Are Now “In,” but Unlike Al We Can’t “Wash the Gay Away”

According to the Christian Post,

GLAAD’s “Where We Are on TV” annual report found that of the 857 characters expected on television for the 2018-2019 season, 75 of them, or 8.8 percent, were counted as “LGBTQ.”


“There were an additional 38 recurring LGBTQ characters. This is 113 total LGBTQ regular and recurring characters on primetime scripted broadcast TV, up from the previous year’s 86,” stated GLAAD last week. 

We know they’re coming for the children. Chatter and California law seems to indicate (((they))) are trying to de-stigmatize disease and HIV respectively. Pansexualism will probably come fast and furious at some point like trans did.

It’s beyond time we conscious Whites make provisions to entertain ourselves and our families, younger and older, on our own. It will be harder to snuff us out morally and physically if we stick together – in person and online.

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