Flat Earth International Conference 2

Potato Salad!

At one time, everyone knew the Earth was Flat. Then, over 500 years ago, concerted schemers got together and laid the groundwork for a sea change. The schemers here in 2018 have nearly the whole world convinced the Earth is a globe in space etc., etc. The Star Wars movies are actually thinly veiled allegories for the seeming victory of the schemers. R2D2 can’tclimb stairs.

Someone rented some portion or another of a Denver Convention Center. That someone is named Robbie Davidson. He is a Flat Erffer with a chintzy looking advertising company in Alberta, Canada. Looking over the man’s work, he seems to work with a lot of the same people. This is not uncommon with Truthers and Conspiracy types. It’s an economies of scales thing. Scam Artists work better in groups too.

It’s hard to say how much Flat Erf has caught on because the whole internet phenomenon is basically a group effort. It’s also rather benign.

Did you know you can buy views and upvotes on YouTube? Some of these folks spending all their time on Flat Erf may not be in the company they think they are. It’s hard to buy sponsors. The Flat Earth International Conference had only Flat Erf Sponsors.

If you spend a good 12-16 hours on Flat Erf videos, you will notice that it goes nowhere. You get some “proofs” and some rhetoric. The rhetoric is generally about origins of man and Earth but varied on the whys and wherefores. It seems if one spent another 12-16 hours, they could devise some mathematics and then eventually, exploits if the Earth was indeed flat. 

That is not what happens though. The Flat Earth scene is a bunch of jerk-off repeating what are pretty much the same stories ad nauseum.

What The Flat Erf Movement is is just another dialectic – Flat vs Round. The greater issues in the debate are much more valid and, probably what keeps the people coming back. It’s basically Bill Nye vs some other scum shit. Flat Erf vs Globe Earth is pretty much IRL WWE Wrestling with no disclaimer and just like there is a Vince McMahon in Wrestling, there is probably a Jew setting the agenda for the folks involved in this controversy.

It really matters not whether the Earth is Flat or Spherical in the practical lives of 99.999% of the people on Earth. The spiritual life is another matter.

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