Transgender Memorial Day 2018, The Queering Continues

As we slouch towards Gomorrah, murder is one of the last big offenses that society through the law will hold against you. Murdering a tranny is of course way worse in today’s world in some people’s eyes. “Trans” have it so hard. They are still considered sick or Gender Dysphoric in the Official Psychological Diagnostic Manual.

States like New Jersey under Chris Christie and more recently at least parts of California have outlawed Gay and Trans conversion therapies.

As Not All States Have acted yet, the Culture vultures are working on it

The Culture Vultures in film and TV are helping things along

The big film offering right now for fags is entitled “Boy Erased.”Having looked at it’s sales numbers, not too many people have seen it. However, that may change because “Boy Erased” was being aired on PBS a little over a week ago.

Boy Erased stars Nicole Kidman who must have done the film cheap or pro bono. Either way she’s looking a crusty kind of old in some pictures.

According to PBS, 

“Boy Erased,” a new film based on a memoir by Garrard Conley, tells the story of a young man who is forced by his parents to attend a gay conversion therapy program.

It’s somewhat ironic that the PBS airing of “Boy Erased” coincides with Trans Week (this past Nov 12-19) and Trans Memorial Day. Trans Memorial Day is today, November 20, 2018.

Trans Memorial Day

Twitter was Shilling for the “MemoriaL dAY”

The site for this “Memorial Day” is here.

The organizers kept track of the dead for this year globally. There really weren’t that many. There were 23 here in the U.S. Most of the deaths happened in S. America and a few in India, Pakistan and the Philippines.

While it’s unfortunate people lost their lives, their lives are also unfortunate. I doubt they were hunted for sport and I doubt they were not driven by severe mental illness.

There are mental illnesses where people create a whole new life for themselves and the like.

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