Deviants Exposed: Erotic Furry Site Hacked

Furries don’t want to be seen. They seemingly want to be felt. They wear dirty animal outfits and touch on each other and do other things like that. It’s a fetish thing. Now, five hundred thousand furries are potentially exposed. User information from an “Adult Furry Erotica Site” is out there having been exposed by a hack.

The Hacked Site is Called “High Tail Hall,” Below is Some Type of Screen

The Zebra is a Surprise…

I am sure the data breach is a surprise too.

According to the BBC,

Hack monitoring website Have I Been Pwned said the data breach had happened in August.
The compromised information, including email addresses, names and order histories, resurfaced on a popular hacking forum a few months later.
It is the latest in a long series of hacks aimed at adult sites.
‘Sensitive breach’

The hacked data will likely soon be dumped on the dark web for all those who know how to find it. It is unclear on how sexual this game is and what these virtual furries do to each other or if they’re even furries in real life. We here at Marxist-Degeneracy are not about to find out the ins and outs of High Tail Hall so, we will defer to the experts and say the breach is a “Sensitive Breach.” It has been found that there is a “High Tail Hall 2” and both games are probably Freemium.

High Tail Hall has a page on Wikifur, the Furry Encyclopedia here

Finding a Furry Wiki was also a surprise for the Marxist-Degeneracy team.

If you extort any money from one of these furry fruits, please consider donating to the R.A.M. Legal Defense Fund as linked above. jk :winkemoji

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