True Grit: Alt-Right/ Far-Right Gritty

Gritty, he’s a mascot for the Philadelphia Flyers. A the Libs, From Shitlibs to Commies thought they could hijack the implicit Whiteness of hockey. Get on Paint, Gimp, or your favorite app. Let’s take this Muppet looking motherfucker back to implicit Whiteness and beyond.

Liberal Tears freeze fast.

Newsweek picked up this story with only a few of our memes. We need this publicity. We run the memes of production. It could be bait but, what? Another Twitter Purge? Hockey Season is just starting.

And Here’s What I Found Online

Gritty has been with us for only several days. He needs to step up his shit. We all need to do our part to make hockey great again and Gritty just plain Great.

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