We Need Structure, Brothers and Sisters

On Twitter when Komaraden fall, we pay “F” respect. When a Komerade respawns, we all chip in to help get them followers.

Now ask yourselves, what are we accomplishing on Twitter. No one will engage a dum dum directly because we do not want our accounts shoahed. Thus our ability to engage the enemy in at least a more meaningful and harder hitting way is greatly diminished.

Ask yourselves what we are accomplishing on Twitter. We no longer get Press. We have our allies but why aren’t we going after enemies and potential recruits in another manner. Enemies with potential converts in Non Mainstream Movements. Even if we can’t accomplish a ton of constructive things by teaming up with our friends, we can at least cause headaches and chaos. Is that not better than what we are accomplishing on Twitter?

If we are Fascists, we need to get organized. Fascism is not a clusterfuck of “Armies of one. Our cause will not advance carrying on how we are.

Group up Brothers and Sisters. Target your favorite targets for a new push in this cyberwar.

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