Jewish Push Back, Now Bolder Than Ever

The Jews were up in arms about Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” Feature Film. Gibson got a lot of blowback, a lot of heat from Jews for that movie. Here in 2018, thing are very different. The Alt Right and Far Right have taken up the mantle countering Semitism. The Semites have now been trying to clamp down hard on what they deem as Anti-Semitic activity. In fact, they are now going for an end run of sorts to counter all forms of what they say is to Anti-Semitic.

Jewish groups seek to run ruff shod over basic rights in at least the Liberal Western Countries right now. It is an effort that amounts to asserting the Jewish image as beyond reproach. They do this at a time when the native populations are supposed to bend over backwards for all sorts of migrants and migrant invaders that are flooding the West.

Jewish Ethnocentricity now wants the West to place disclaimers and other notes on The Holy Bible and for us to put restrictions, in some cases further restrictions on Freedom of Speech.

Sarah Silverman and Other Jewish Comedians Subvert Christianity All the Time

Le Double Standard

It seems if the Jewish proponents calling for what is basically censorship of the Bible(and Koran) to placate the Jewish population, those Jews should have their house in order and live up to their own standards. The article covering this Jewish call is from the UK Sun and is entitled:

HOLY WARNING Jewish group demands the Bible and Koran use ‘trigger warnings’ to highlight anti-Semitic passages in bid to combat attacks against Jews

It looks like the Sun thinks the Jews are Holy above all. There is no mention that voluntary “Trigger Warnings” will going to be place on the Talmud. They won’t be. The Talmud being the supreme set of books for Jews even above The Books of Moses.

The Sun says that the efforts to protect Jews and the perception of Jews and Jews perception of themselves is is led by an umbrella group called the European Jewish Congress (EJC). The EJC has produced a “catalogue of policies to combat antisemitism.”


The EJC says: “Translations of the New Testament, the Koran and other Christian or Muslim literatures need marginal glosses and introductions that emphasise continuity with Jewish heritage [and] warn readers about antisemitic passages in them.”


It also calls for all states to adopt a global definition of antisemitism and for online platforms to be held liable for antisemitic posts.

Christians and legitimate Christianity and Legitimate Bible Translations don’t matter. Free Speech doesn’t matter and the Muslims that Jewish groups have helped bring to The U.S. and Europe, their Book doesn’t matter either. What does matter is that

Moshe Kantor, president of the EJC, said there was “a growing sense of despair and pessimism about the future” among many Jews.

It’s kind of weird that many Jews are despairing and and pessimistic about the future since President “America First” validated Israel’s claim to Jerusalem not too long ago. It seems it takes a lot to make at least certain Jews happy.

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