Suit Against Daily Stormer Moving Forward

The Daily Stormer, it was the standard of what it was for some years. Just as the entire Alt Right had it’s problems and is still recovering after Charlottesville, the Daily Stormer is still recovering from it’s problems.

Andrew Anglin, publisher of the Daily Stormer had brought many smaller operations under the Daily Stormer banner. Now the site’s viability is under deep threat. At one point, The Stormer and  Mr. Anglin had three lawsuits to face. We here at Marxist-Degeneracy are abreast about what is happening with two of the three more serious suits.

The second suit that was filed against Daily Stormer was filed by a Muslim comedian, Dean Obeidallah. It is almost resolved. Obeidallah was the subject of some type of article or series of articles written by Mr. Anglin proclaiming/trolling that Obeidallah was the mastermind of the terror attack that targeted an Ariana Grande Concert in Britain. As no one came forward to represent the Daily Stormer, Obeidallah won a default judgement and it’s looking like he will be awarded a monetary judgment.

According to CBS News, Obeidallah is trying to get a look at Mr. Anglin’s financial records for the Daily Stormer.

A Muslim-American radio host’s lawyers are seeking a court order to get bank records for a neo-Nazi website publisher after questioning his father under oath about money donated by the site’s readers.

That does not bode well as the lawsuit that could dubbed as the main event, the Tanya Gersh Harassment Civil Suit with SPLC backing is moving forward.  

What The New York Times just recently reported about the Gersh/SPLC Suit is this:

In his ruling denying a motion to dismiss the lawsuit, Dana L. Christensen, the chief judge for United States District Court in Missoula, Mont., wrote that the real estate agent, Tanya Gersh, was a private citizen, not a public figure, and that the publisher, Andrew Anglin, incited his followers to harass her as part of a personal campaign.

That was on November 15, 2018. After the recent ruling,

David Dinielli, a lawyer for the law center, said in a statement that Judge Christensen’s ruling on Wednesday “underscores what both we and our client have said from the beginning of this case — that online campaigns of hate, threats, and intimidation have no place in a civil society, and enjoy no protection under our Constitution.”

Representation for Mr. Anglin, Mark Randazza stated:

that Judge Christensen’s decision was dangerous for free speech.

“The rule we lay down for the Nazi applies equally to the civil rights activist,” Mr. Randazza said in a statement. “And that ruling, if it stands, is not going to be good for anyone who engages in common outrage culture. Maybe that’s a good thing, but I think not.”

The NYT article closes with a statement from the Gersh/SPLC lawyer.

“He should be assured that if we end up with a judgment, we will go to the ends of the earth to collect, so that he doesn’t do this again and can no longer publish,” Mr. Dinielli said.

If (((they))) didn’t want Anglin and the Daily Stormer crippled, the SPLC wouldn’t wouldn’t be involved.

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