Jerry Springer Will Soon be a True Moral Authority

First he was a lawyer. Then he was a Mayor. Somehow after being a Mayor, he hosted the most degenerate socalled talk show ever, The Jerry Springer Show. Words can’t even describe how low brow the Jewish Jerry Springer Show was. That’s what Jews do though. Now Jerry Springer is going to be Judge Jerry on NBC. His show will air in about a year.

Many a minors, home from school for whatever reason, undoubtedly saw the trash the Juden Raus Jerry Springer Show aired. It was available for anyone with a TV to watch. In true Juden Raus manner, Springer always gave a nice well delivered and flowery “moral” at the end of the show.

The thing is, there was nothing redeeming about the show

Jerry Springer Trans Takedown

Nothing redeeming at all but, scum and especially Jewish scum rises to the top

Jerry Springer is very much wanted for his new role as a judge on “Judge Jerry.” CNN carried this quote from some dirty piece of shit executive:

“‘Judge Jerry’ will merge Jerry’s talent for connecting with people, his incredibly relatable and funny personality and his legal training and governing experience to bring viewers a more entertaining court show,” Tracie Wilson, executive VP of creative affairs for NBCUniversal Television Distribution said in a press release. “We are so happy to continue our fantastic partnership with Jerry, who is a proven TV icon with a dedicated and broad fan base.”

I know none of my readers will watch this yid asshole

Jerry Springer Judge

(((Jews))), They have no problems with optics

Keep an eye on your boomers.


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