Gab Deplatformed from Traditional Payment Collection

They say the road to success is hard. The road Gab is on right now is pretty ricky. It seems like Andrew Torba’s Gab is out of options for credit card payment processors that will work with his company. The standards in credit card processing, Stripe and Paypal have blacklisted Gab. Others probably have too because Gab is looking to go Crypto, specifically Bitcoin. According to Bitcoin Exchange Guide

This ban has in part been placed due to the executives of most mainstream financial institutions claiming that Gab ‘promotes hate speech’ and thus in turn propagates racial violence and tension.

There is potential that Gab may have some problems in their switch to Bitcoin and the like.

…crypto exchanges too seem to be miffed with the firm, with Coinbase recently choosing to ban Gab as well. However, luckily for Andrew Torba, the CEO of Gab, there are many options for processing payments when it comes to the alt-coin space.

Here is an Official Gab from Andrew Torba

Torba Payment Negged

And, while Gab is being banned…

Gab Ban

Gab is also Banning

Gab has removed “Guerrilla Leader” and 2020 Presidential Hopeful, Patrick Little from the Platform. Gab has also removed a bunch of my bros – bad-ass shitheads – really great guys.

Gab and other new Platforms are still potentially rising. Time and Testing will dictate what business model works.



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