Another Win for the Bolsonaro’s!!!

Did you know there were two Bolsonaros? There are. Not only is Bolsonaro Sr. the President of Brazil but, his son Jair Bolsonaro is a Brazilian Congressman. In a yuge victory for not only the Bolsonaros but really for all of Brazil there is great news of “Populist Nationalism” and “Nationalist Populism”. They’re lifting up the Barrios, FOR REAL with a new initiative. According to the Jewish Daily Forward, 

The son of Brazil’s president-elect has confirmed to the U.S. president’s Jewish son-in-law that his country’s embassy will move to Jerusalem.

The question should not be whether we will do it, but when we will do it,” Brazilian congressman Eduardo Bolsonaro told Jared Kushner during a meeting in Washington on Tuesday.

The Bolsonaro Boys are God Emperor’s now, just darker. Brazil? Brazil is now 100% soccer, cha-cha dancing and really the America of South America. Bolsonaro just took some Jewish loans for Bolsonaro branded high-rises.

The Bolsonaros will soon be replacing the giant Jesus

The Jews will be paying for that upgrade with US Aid

Bolosarno now, like Trump will lead “Nationalist Populist” and Populist Nationalist rallies for some reason. We here at Marxist Degeneracy believe most the of Bolsonaro’s agenda is now complete.

Jared K, though, that nigga’s work is never done. J. Kush is working on making Mexico Great, for the First Time. Big Kush would obviously like to be hitting his formerly busted up wife but the Rabbi didn’t like how her panties smelled right yet. Kush Dawg has gotten better news though:

The Mexican government said Tuesday that it will award Jared Kushner with the Order of the Aztec Eagle, the highest honor the country gives to foreigners, “for his significant contributions in achieving the renegotiation of the new (trade) agreement between Mexico, the United States and Canada,” AP reported

That was according to another article in The Forward.

As soon as Trump’s secret weapon Big Kush gets that Mexican Embassy to Jerusalem, ain’t gonna be no more issues on the Murican Border, Fam.

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