Oprah Reinforces Black Victim Culture in South Africa

Oprah Winfrey was just in S. Africa giving a pep talk to the “poor” perpetually “oppressed” niggers. The same niggers who wrestled the government away from The S. African Whites with International pressure and with Communist sensibilities. The current Black government is continuing Racially Charged Communism with Anti-White policies dispossessing the land of the White Farmers, The Boer.

Apparently nothing is ever enough for a nigger and the countries leaders reinforce those feelings to hide the government’s feelings and the Blacks’ ineptitude. As a grand force of niggerdom and Cultural Marxism, Oprah Winfrey knows how to stoke the niggers’ self-righteous sentiment for gibs with slimey flared and sanctimonious style.  Oprah Winfrey doesn’t care about any of the White people she’s poisoned with her media empire or the White S. Africans. From Forbes: 

Oprah acknowledged the high unemployment, poverty, and other social challenges persisting in the country, which held its first all-race elections in 1994 after the end of white minority rule.

But Winfrey told young people not to give up. 

She’s not talking about the plight of the Boer. Oprah implicitly supports White Genocide while running a pep rally for people who are a lost cause.

Oprah is an enemy of /ourpeople/

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