The Lion of Europe Vid: It’s Jewish Trash

It’s Not a Bad Scene but, the Guy Walken is Taking to Has a Degenerates Shirt On

The Lion of Europe Though is Not 1488 Vid, (((|))) Just Want You to Think That

The Lion or The Lion of Europe has been around on the Tubes before this author even heard the word racialist. How long? Idk. I suspect it came on the JewTubes after Occupy. The thing is, it’s so super popular or at least it was, especially around the time of the European Invasion.

Have you ever watched that propaganda video The Man Who Fought the Banks?

The Lion Cucks that Master Work Up, Fam.

The Man Who Fought the Banks is a wonderful piece of propaganda. It seems obvious now some Cockroaches would try to fuck with it. That they did.

The first thing that needs to be pointed out is that The Lion borrows much, close to all from The Man Who Fought the Banks and runs the Racialist and NatSoc message into the ground. No one here at Marxist-Degeneracy has seen the movie Christopher Walken gives his somewhat famous “Lion” Speech. 

Having located the clip with the speech however,

It is obvious that The Lion Speech Was Edited to Fit the Lion of Europa Video

For starters, the fact that Walken’s speech is about African Lions was removed. What’s worse, whoever produced The Lion made it in a manner that says the “bankers” are “the lion’s cubs.” Even grotesque than that is the fact that The Lioness is is Betty Friedman, a Jewish Feminist agitator. Then when Hitler is talking about “The Most Precious Things,” that section ends with a man and a woman getting married. As “The Lion of Europe is never said to have a non Jewish Lioness so, who is he marrying? What’s worse os that their are parts of the Lion propaganda video that show The Lion as the Real NatSoc men. Finally, as NatSoc and the White Male is according to Jews from “yesterday and today,” “pathological and Jewish women produce Jewish Children, the end of the video becomes more disturbing. One might say if the European Lion embraces a Jewess or, even the Jews, he should be alright.

To embace the Jews is death. To embrace the Jews is to eternal falsehood and damnation either by God or by nature but, really both. The tradition of all Europeans would vanish and the Jew’s ranks would swell.

The Lion most highly plays up what it’s producer thinks is “European Traditionalism” while leaving out and maybe further slighting Christianity as well. Wearing fruity clothes and dancing means nothing. It’s done for entertainment and at fairs. Paganism is degenerate. It means less than video games and anime. Paganism and style, just like children dancing around trees is not going to make any of us more European. It is vanity. “In hoc signo vinces” or, in this sign you shall conquer did astronomically more than Thor or Odin who can now be found at (((Marvel Comics))) btw.

The Lion is stokes a war-masculinity that is then directed to marry a Jew. They only do that after showing Hitler as The Lion. We are all being played big time. Dear Readers, we all know who uses our war machines. On a personal level, violence is the last thing we need. 

The long and short of it is, we need to make sure The Man Who Fought the Banks goes back to its number one place and look at ways to get The Lion pulled forever or remake it. I am not sure remaking it is possible or worth it but, it probably could be done.

Interestingly enough, the real Lion speech(see above) is talking about African lions not lionized European tales of lions. The actual speech in the movie is very different. Said movie is also degenerate. It’s a film about hustling pool. 

Someone with the right skill set should redo it and redo it as a purist. There should be no clips from movies like The Children of Men where the Euro is getting a Black Woman with one of the last babies to safety.

Most of what you need should be in this post,

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