Tartary: New Scam Rising

With the rise of the Internet the old standby of Modern Bread and Circuses which were largely of the Audio/Visual Entertainment format like TV. The Internet though has given rise to the interactive Prefabricated Rabbit Hole. The Prefabricated Rabbit Hole are like video games except they can and will swallow an undiscerning or unbalanced or otherwise compromised individual’s life.

It is no wonder the movie The Matrix was released around the turn of the millennium. The Internet was really coming into it’s own then. Just like The Matrix, the Prefab Rabbit Hole resets from time to time. Two newer standout rabbit holes are Flat Earth(Erf) and The Mandela Effect. Those rabbit holes both have large cult followings. Make no mistake, the Prefab Rabbit Hole is designed for to imbibe a cult following and shift the followers’ world-view. The mark then blocks out or ignores all sorts of real and important issues. Real mysteries, scams and learning are left by the wayside, even shunned. 

 The Internet was toted as an instrument of learning. People worry about “Net Neutrality” though people are only starting to realize how various Internet Companies themselves can and will censor the free flow and access to information. The flip-side though is that Corrupt Collectives, those like governments of the day can and have no reason not to manufacture and/or funding Prefab Rabbit Holes to placate citizenry and direct populations.

The Flat Erf prefab came fast and furious. It is and was short on proof but long and diverse on world-view nudging. Whether you are Christian, Gnostic, Holographic Universe, Ancient Aliens, just dumb or other, there is a Flat Erf for you. Who though is on their grind figuring out the physics of the Flat Erf. It wouldn’t be hard to figure out what the distance of the Sun really is on a Flat Erf or to make beaucuop bucks from its “real” science . The stories of the Mandela Effect, while lesser known, is also easily accessible with versions of the story to fit many predispositions. It is just a much weirder story and more easily disproved.

Behold: Tartary

Tartary, It’s The Newest Internet Prefab Rabbit Hole Scam

Have you ever said “hey, I wonder where Tartar Sauce came from?” Ask Jan Irving from Logos Media. Unless the guy is LARPing, he’s really pushing the Tartarus/Tartary/Tartarie thing pretty hard.

Don’t get me wrong, Jan Irving is entitled to his opinion but, Jan, is the Earth really only 900 years old or whatever you said?

While I cannot say whether Jan Irving genuinely believes in Tartarus or not, it’s odd, interesting and… well kind of shitty that JewTube is flooding me with tard Tartarus stuff. Ever since I’ve watched Jan’s Logos Media for a few consecutive weeks, I am flood with the Tartarus bullsh!t. 

I’ve watched a decent number of these Tartarus peddling videos. I’ve seen a lot of mysteries revealed. They’re actually kind of disparate though. One video’s host said his video was based on the Communist author Jan Irving is pushing and that Jesus was a Slav. You can find Jan’s and his friend’s takes on Tartus here.

There are so many more hot takes on Tartary though. Did you know the world was destroyed by a “Mud Flood” like 200 years ago? “Mud” Flood Does at his channel!¬†Yet another video claimed there was some Steam Punk Type City in Arizona and had footage of a rut in the ground.

There are so many new Tartary and “Mud Flood Channels popping up that I, your author actually need to get going.

Forget About Your Future, Forget About Your Family and If You Need to, Forget About Your Sanity…

Just Enjoy The Scam, To Play Us Out:

The Guy in the Above Video Says N. America Was Part of Tartarus or Tartary too!

We’re All Tartian Now, Fam!

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