The Controversial Prada “Race War” Edition Collectors Item

Paraphrasing what George Lincoln Rockwell said, “he would not fault a negro for being born a Negro nor a Chinaman for being a Chinaman.” A high powered Female Black Attorney almost fantastically happened upon a display at the Soho Prada Store that made her feel otherwise.

It was This:

Those Dolls are Definitely Eccentric

That High-Powered-Black-Female-Attorney mentioned above thought so too. She took a slew of pictures, including the one above, and started a call to arms over the two statues with the “big red lips.” The woman’s name is Chinyere Ezie and the following is part of her story from Facebook.

Ms. Ezie is Not Only a Considerably Multi-Hyphenated Individual, She Also Worked for the SPLC

It’s a Good Thing for America Ms. Ezie is a Multi-Talented/Multi-Faceted Intersectional Woman of Color…

Accused racists who are apparently, apparent racists to some, had better watch out with Ms. Ezie in town. Prada is now pulling the key chain and Ms. Ezie and the ‘Social Media’ are to thank. Bloomberg News carried the story:

Prada SpA will stop selling a $550 monkey figurine after social media users in the U.S. called out a strong resemblance to racist caricatures historically used to dehumanize black people.

If Anyone is Interested in Some of the Controversial and Collectible Wares of Prada, the Following Items can be Found on Google Shopping

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