The Questions People are Asking Google are Too Personal

Google, it has achieved evil empire status within more discerning circles. In large part people who see Google as an “evil empire” do so because of censorship by Google, Google’s data collection policies and because of the conglomerate’s size.

As per Wikipedia, Google has a motto that is strongly against evil,

Don’t be evil” is a motto used within Google’s corporate code of conduct.

Following Google’s corporate restructuring under the conglomerate Alphabet Inc. in October 2015, Alphabet took “Do the right thing” as its motto, also forming the opening of its corporate code of conduct. The original motto was retained in Google’s code of conduct, now a subsidiary of Alphabet. In April 2018, the motto was removed from the code of conduct’s preface and retained in its last sentence.

The masses may know about Google’s motto, they may believe it. They may not. We here at Marxist-Degeneracy would like to believe that not many people are as naive as to believe Google follows its motto. We would have it that people should be more cautious with Google especially now that AT&T has released a beaming puff piece on actual advice people are asking of Google.

An Artist’s Rendition of a Crowd Listening to a Reading of AT&T’s Article

The AT&T puff piece starts with this gem:

We Google everything—hilarious, private, embarrassing, painfully obvious questions at all hours of the day, all week long. Fortunately for us, no one can track our Google search history. Except Google Trends, of course.

Then, it just gets worse.

Here is the official list as compiled by AT&T:


  • Should I take vitamins (Alabama)
  • Should I lose weight (Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Wisconsin)
  • Should I diet (Kansas, Missouri, Tennessee)
  • Should I fast (Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska)
  • Should I cut my hair (Arizona, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio)
  • Should I nap (Virginia)
  • Should I vape (Indiana, Michigan)


  • Should I freeze my credit (Minnesota)
  • Should I buy bitcoin (Nevada, New Hampshire, Rhode Island)
  • Should I delete facebook (Washington)
  • Should I update to ios 12 (Massachusetts)

Life Decisions

  • Should I move (Colorado, Hawaii, South Carolina, Utah)
  • Should I move out (California)
  • Should I buy a house (Maryland)
  • Should I go to college (Connecticut)
  • Should I have a baby (Pennsylvania)


  • Should I apologize (Texas)
  • Should I break up with my boyfriend (Illinois)
  • Should I text him (Florida, Georgia, New York)
  • Should I care (Idaho, Maine, New Mexico, Oregon, West Virginia)
  • Should I vote (Alaska, Delaware, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, Wyoming)

Emphasis Mine

AT&T’s puff piece puffed hard. It’s actually amazing to us here that anyone would read the piece in seriousness, let alone that someone would write it seriously. However, as we all know, in these times, it’s a Culturally Marxist World.

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