Another Official Report on Our Population’s Decline

Birth rates are in deep decline throughout the Western World. In many countries, birthrates are below replacement level. Our neighbor’s in the Orient, the Japanese, their birthrates very much below the replacement level.

For the West, exercising common sense, one might look at changes in culture over time to explain the declining birth rates.

A baby boom occurred when GIs came home from WWII. The GIs and the women of that generation, the so-called Greatest Generation birthed those we know as the Baby Boomers or sometimes just Boomers.

Much has changed since the Greatest Generation was in their prime. Many Baby Boomers wasted their youth in Hippie Culture, at Woodstock type events, with drug culture and during the so-called Summer of Love. Since then, the social mores on sex have changed dramatically. Other mores have shifted greatly too.

Materialism is rife. Life is cheap. That includes the life some women carry inside them. There are also tons of distractions, many dangers, and many families also need two incomes to get by.

A reconciliation of the West’s lifestyle is happening now. The birthrate in the West has declined to an extremely low level. In fact, that is what headlines are saying this weekend.

The UK Daily Mail reported:

Americans are having less babies, resulting in the slowest population growth in more than 80 years, according to newly released U.S. Census data.

Nationwide, the population grew 0.6 percent to 372.2 million people – the least growth since 1937, (said) demographer William Frey, of the Brookings Institution

The USA Today carried a story about an unnamed Centers for Disease Control (CDC) report back in mid May. It showed a fertility rate that was nearly identical to this last week’s U.S Census report.

The USA Today article from May reported the U.S. birthrate was at a 30 year low and this week’s UK Daily Mail article reported the U.S. birthrate at an 80 year low. The reason why the numbers differ so greatly may be because the UK Daily Mail article says they take into account deaths. Instead of the UK Daily Mail explaining the numbers in entirety, they used their time to account for how demographic shifts will effect the electorate:

On balance it probably favors the Democrats, given the kind of demographic change that is occurring in many of these Western states…

The new seats are on track to emerge in fast-growing urban areas that tend lean Democratic…

As many in the MAGA Movement, those on the Far Right and those in the Alt Right know, “demographics is destiny.”

As was noted by the USA Today, the only demographic that is having more babies here in the U.S. are the women over 40 years of age. On the other hand:

U.S. birth rates declined last year for women in their teens, 20s and – surprisingly – their 30s

If y’all don’t know, let me let you know, Twitter is not a stork

Photo Credit: mimibazar

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