5 Cancerous Christmas Celebrations

For some, during Christmas, The Fire Rises. Christmas isn’t exactly a Biblical Holiday. However, I’d like to think it was a lot more wholesome and family oriented for people who grew up during the 50’s and earlier. While it obviously wasn’t that for everyone, it had to at least be less materialistic going back further in time.

Here in 2018 there are all sorts of people denigrating Christmas, attempting to destroy and suppress Christmas, as well as working to make it degenerate or otherwise ruin it. Below is a list of 5 Cancerous Christmas Celebrations. All of which are worse than the actual Grinch.

1, In Baltimore, the Maryland City where the real life “dark” Mad Max movie may occur, The Baltimore Sun had a “12 Days” style “Santa-Free Guide to the Holidays.”

During the “12 Days,” there are two Krampus Events “A Murray Little Christmas” that looks to be hosted or headlined by some an ostentatious homosexual. There’s “John Water’s Christmas” which the Baltimore Sun says is about and features what seems to be some kind of low-life midget and is supposed to be funny. The countdown to Christmas ends with “a real local Jewish tradition” a “Cantonese Christmas.” It’s another comedy thing. Looking for these Cancerous Christmas Celebrations, the Jews seem to be pretty well aligned with the Chinese for Christmas. In Baltimore on the 26th, some in Baltimore will celebrate with live “Boxing Day” music to round out the season.

2, Frail Neo-Serfs, Cucks, White Knights, and generally angry and unhealthy leftist vegans may be staging a protest for the sake of the Turkeys that are to be eaten on Christmas. Why not join them, troll them or hijack their protest in some way…(this is not advice, for those inquiring the legal guy says it’s rhetorical. Vegans suck anyway.)

Some of these orc like and unhealthy vegan people made the news protesting in Britain. According to MetroNews,

VEGAN activists formed a barrier around the meat aisle of a Waitrose supermarket yesterday in protest at the number of turkeys being slaughtered for Christmas.

It’s really amazing how Progressive some Europeans are. I think they even have Prog Dad beat.

3 , Is the Amazing Atheist still around? How’s life working out for that obnoxious asshole? His channel and life seemed dedicated to being cringy af while at the same time pissing people off. It wasn’t a good look and never will be.

Some people take a classier approach to the type of obnoxiousness practiced by that ol’ ‘Amazing Atheist.’ Some of the Atheists still make just as big a scene as reported by 10 News out of California. A group called “The Freedom from Religion Foundation” recently hung a vinyl banner stating there is no god, God et. al. on the property of a Balboa, California Church. The ‘Foundation’ is very proud of what they do as they also left an oddball diorama of Ben Franklin, the Statue of Liberty and whatever else. The Freedom from Religion Foundation has radio ads where a guy brags that he isn’t “afraid to go to hell.” Bold people. Very bold indeed.

4, This fourth Anti-Christmas ‘Celebration’ is what we are all most likely to see and maybe experience. This author knows it as Grinching. Grinching is cut and dry. It is destroying people’s Christmas decorations, plain and simple. There are a great number of such Grinching incidents just on Google now alone. The Daily Post UK published an article on a Grinching incident that did big time damage:

Vandals went on a Christmas rampage destroying thousands of pounds worth of decorations.

Outdoor decorations were ripped off the walls and roofs of houses on Bryneithin Avenue and Maes Tegid in Prestatyn and the wires for a snowflake light projector were cut.

If someone comes around a’ Grinching, stay safe and stay sane.

5, Jews in the media must either get tagged by their bosses to write an angry and/or denigrating piece about Christmas or it’s maybe ir’s something like a right of passage. The pieces we here have seen this year from the Jewish have varied somewhat. Alt-Right’s Favorite Jewess, Julia Yoffe, has written a “Don’t Merry Christmas Me” article for The Washington Post which is owned by Jeff Bezos of Amazon fame. The piece can be found here. Extra points if you can make it to the end of that bullshit. Maybe a little something extra from Santa… or Santa Pepe.

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