Another Daily Stormer Lawsuit Settled

As far as we know from news reports, there were three lawsuits filed against Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer. One was brought by a Muslim radio host, Dean Obeidallah. It was a defamation case and was settled with neither Anglin or legal representation for Anglin showing up to court for the case. It is expected damages for Obeidallah will be awarded for Obeidallah’s default win in the near future.

The case brought against Andrew Anglin by Tanya Gersh with the backing of the SPLC in Montana was the first case brought against Mr. Anglin. Mr. Anglin has retained counsel for that case. It is a harassment versus Free Speech case It is still in its preliminary phases.

It’s not easy being a high profile and influential “troll leader”

Nobody paid too much attention to the third lawsuit against “Herr Anglin” though

The third lawsuit as reported by the New York Times(NYT) was brought by a female African American student, Ms. Dumpson. She alleged she was targeted while in attendance at American University.

Ms. Dumpson, now 22, was singled out after she became the first black woman to serve as American University’s student body president in May 2017. The same day, bananas hanging from nooses were found around the campus.

The banana incident, framed by several articles’ vague and even ‘colorfully’ worded language might lead many if not most to believe that the actions of Andrew Anglin spurred American University Students to hang bananas. The SF Gate, however, was clear in stating:

After news outlets reported on the nooses, Andrew Anglin, who runs the Daily Stormer, posted Dumpson’s picture and personal information online and exhorted his followers to harass and bully her, a tactic he has also employed against Jewish and Muslim targets.

The same article in the SF Gate also noted that:

The lawsuit stated that Dumpson constantly feared for her safety amid the relentless harassment, and was eventually diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. Despite that turmoil, she graduated from American University and is now enrolled in law school.

Ms. Dumpson’s lawsuit was against three parties. Andrew Anglin was one of the parties. There is no word out there yet on the web as to what the decision against Anglin is exactly. A young man, a Mr. McCarty reported by the SF Gate as doxxed by ‘anti-fascists’ and named in the same lawsuit has had judgement passed against him. While it is reported he may face monetary penalties, he will not if he follows through with a rehabilitation regime. Sourcing again from the NYT article:

Mr. McCarty must also apologize to Ms. Dumpson in writing and on video. She may use his video for “civil rights advocacy, outreach and educational activities,” the settlement states.

He agreed to undergo anti-hate training and at least a year of counseling, complete four academic courses on race and gender issues and do 200 hours of community service related to racial justice. Ms. Dumpson’s legal team will monitor his compliance and can inflict monetary penalties if he does not comply.

Ms. Dumpson is taking the high road.

It is also reported that Mr. McCarty has to engage in what seems like a forced penance in addition to the therapies and education requirements prescribed in the settlement. Again from the NYT:

As part of the settlement, Mr. McCarty agreed to assist Ms. Dumpson in her legal efforts against his two co-defendants, Mr. Anglin and Brian Andrew Ade.

The question is, if Andrew Anglin is caught, will he reform?

All signs point to yes…

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