On the Pope’s Vapid and Alienating Christmas Message

It seems like every time Pope Francis is in the news, it seems like he’s doing something wrong. One might wonder what goes on in the sovereign land he heads in Italy. He’s shaping up to be an extremely worldly man. If future popes keep the Roman Catholic Church on the trajectory it has been, it won’t be long until Roman Catholics are completely different breed than Christians.

The Pope gave a “blessing” on Christmas called Urbi Orbi

Urbi Orbi “Blessing,” Christmas 2018 (Vatican Media)

The Pope’s Urbi Orbi “blessing” was strange indeed

The most stark problem with the Pope’s Christmas “blessing” is that somehow the head of the world’s oldest Christian Faith thinks Jesus is a child. Worse yet, Pope Francis thinks Jesus is a newborn child.

From the Official Transcript:

May the Newborn Lord bring relief to the beloved land of Ukraine…

Francis talks about the “Child Jesus” numerous times in the present tense. As such, it may be true that popes think they’re above God. In John Chapter 10, verse 30, Jesus said,

“I and my Father are one.”

Francis’ message is at least extremely condescending to Jesus the man/God. Both He and God – God the Father – were around longer than anyone knows.

What Did Francis have to Say to the Church’s Oldest and Biggest Base?

The Eltz Castle, Germany

Europe and by Extension, America is The Catholic Church’s Base…

As it turns out, Pope Francis didn’t mention The West too much. He mentioned Yemen, other Muslim countries and made the perennial appeal for peace between Israel and Palestine. One comment he made was striking:

I want to mention, too, all those peoples that experience ideological, cultural and economic forms of colonization and see their freedom and identity compromised, as well as those suffering from hunger and the lack of educational and health care services.

Francis didn’t mention exactly who the above “peoples” were or bless them or, say any more about them. It seems Francis may have been talking about The West though, As his intention was only to mention those “peoples” he wasn’t really all that interested in whoever he was talking about.

All throughout The West, in America and in Europe, The Catholic Churches base, we are being colonized by Muslims, Mexicans, South Americans, Africans, Chinese… roughly by everyone but the Japanese. America, Europe, and Palestine are the only places that are really being colonized. America, Europe and Palestine also suffer from a compromised identity and loss of freedom. Those who suffer hunger, lack education and health services are in every nation. The Pope’s Christmas “Blessing” not just begs questions about what his priorities are but, might make one wonder, is the Pope even Catholic?

The Last Shall be First and the First Shall be Last, amirite?

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