NYC Streets to be Named After Local Rap ‘Heroes’

New signals of false virtue are coming to the Outer Borroughs of New York City. While NYC’s Mayor “Comrade” Bill de Blasio had appointed a commission to evaluate the validity of the public monuments of New York City, he is expected to approve the new street signs that are planned.

As per 1010 WINS two streets will be dedicated to hip hoppers/rappers.

Mayor Bill de Blasio is expected to sign the bill that unanimously passed the City Council last week to rename the streets.

On Staten Island, the area at Vanderbilt Avenue and Targee Street will be renamed the Wu-Tang Clan District in honor of the local hip-hop legends.

In Brooklyn,

St. James Place, between Fulton Street and Gates Avenue, will be renamed Christopher Wallace Way.

Thus “Immortalizing” ‘The Notorious B.I.G.’ on His Home Turf, in His “Hood” is Sending Kind Of a Mixed Message:

Naming a Street After ‘The Notorious B.I.G.’ Doesn’t Really Signal Anything Good Though…

“Ready to Die” was Big’s (born Christopher Wallace) debut album. “Ready to Die” was a milestone in the rap world. It popularized so-called gangsta rap, especially among Whites. It’s a good thing Biggie was ready to die because he did. He died while recording his second album, Life After Death.

Big apparently lived the life he glorified in his music. His music still speaks to the youth today, unfortunately.

On ready to die, Big let us know, for time immemorial, that he had the “cleanest meanest penis” on the classic extremely misogynistic track “Gimmie One More Chance.”

“Things Done Changed” is an introspective ‘masterpiece.’ Though Big was only ~20 years when he got a record deal, he was able to write a really great verse about how it was “back in the day.” They was “shootin skelli” stuff on his block. Marxist-Degeneracy has not been able to ascertain when the “back in the day” Biggie talked about was but it sounded tight.

Introspectively, Biggie had this to say on the violence:

I hear you motherfuckers talk about it
But I stay seeing bodies with the motherfucking chalk around it
And I’m down with the shit too

As for career advice, Big’s famous for saying:

Either you’re slinging crack rock or you got a wicked jump shot

Only if hipsters move into “Big’s” former neighborhood on his newly named street do we here at Marxist-Degeneracy really feel property values in the area will be positively affected.

What Will The Wu Tang’s Street Bring to Staten Island?

We are Guessing More of Nothing Good but…

On the Island of Staten which may some day be renamed Shaolin as The Wu Tang would have it, the Wu are getting a whole street. The street may some day be made into a fully built out Plaza as it is to be named Wu Plaza or whatever.

We thought there might be a “Wu Tang Financial” going in. While we laughed at that Chappelle’s Show sketch, at the time we thought it might be real. However, Black owned businesses are few and far between.

Everyone who knows The Wu’s debut album knows that “Wu Tang ain’t nothin’ to fuck wit.” Fans might also remember Ol’ Dirty “only got gonorrhea.” He told us that after speaking to diarrhea.

While the future for the soon to be official “Wu Tang Plaza,” is unwritten, like the Wu’s voluminous back catalog, there are only a number of quality outcomes. Here at Marxist-Degeneracy, we are again going to keep our fingers crossed for Hipsters and a subsequent gentrification.

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