The New Meth Scare Your Dealer Won’t Tell You About

Methamphetamine, it’s more commonly known as meth. People call it “glass” too. The drug is generally not glamorized or considered glamorous. “Breaking Bad,” the fictional drama that chronicled the end times of a science teacher turned meth cook by the name of Walter White, was as much of a glamorization that drug has garnered.

In the series, Walter White’s partner, Jesse had to use cunning to retrieve stolen product from some haggard looking young meth heads. Having assessed the situation, Jesse started digging a hole at the property of the thieves. One came out confronting Jesse digging to inquiry just what Jesse was doing. In response, Jesse alludes that he is digging his way down to hell. The scene is a particularly spooky one.

Dark and unstable meth monkeys may not be an every day reality even in areas laden heavy with meth use. Stories of meth addicts disassembling anything and everything are common though. In either case, being anything related to meth is not a good look.

Now, It Seems, Meth has Become Tainted In Some Areas…

Zika Meth?

Hitler Did This!

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