Vidya Games: Nintendo is What It is for Me Right Now

“All work and no play” makes for a dull life. Work nd then sitting around like a lump with the TV on, or off isn’t play. Video gaymes, especially in the winter can and will help fulfill ones play requirements.

There are no shortage of games or systems out there. However, there has not been much innovation with Microsoft or Sony as of late. Maybe the online multiplayer is better but, most games for the PS4 and XBox One fit into the same old categories. Most are not much more than retreads. In many cases, retreading a game these days includes enriching them with ‘diversity.’

There is an Alternative for Microsoft and Sony Consumers

Nintendo has a Wide Range of Both Game and Console Product

Are you feeling nostalgic or interested in Nintendo product you’ve never played? The NES and Super NES have been re-released with games pre-loaded. Unfortunately, the original game cartridges do not work on those re-release consoles. One of us here has a Super NES re-release. It and the NES re-release display in high def. We put extra money in for a wireless controller. It cost 15 dollars and was worth it.

In terms of current generation stuff, Nintendo has the 2DS and the “3D” 3DS. The only difference between them is the “3D” capability. There is also the Nintendo Switch which works both on the TV and as a handheld.

Some people may say Nintendo games are also a lot of the same same-old. That is true, at least to some extent. However. I would ask the people who say that when was the last time they had a Nintendo.

As for long term style and product life-cycles, on a long enough timeline, what was old becomes new again.

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