Jewish Lawyer Attempting to Get Zoo Elephant Released

Mankind has dominion over the animals of the Earth. Some people don’t believe that but it is the Word Of The God of the Bible too. Those who don’t believe that man has dominion over the animals of the Earth are at least somewhat backwards and lack regard for the defacto relationship between animals and mankind. That’s not to say animals should be treated in a cruel or destructive manner by man.

Broadly speaking, the concept of Animal Rights is not new. Tradition dictated how animals were treated and kept for most of history. Conservation was widely practiced in the U.S. under President Theodore Roosevelt. The NSDAP are said by some to have been the first Party to introduce more modern conservationism or, environmental laws.

Since the 1950’s, individuals have started taking more and more extreme actions for the sake of the environment. Vegetarianism and to a lesser extent, Veganism are somewhat common today. There are also animal “liberation” groups that target animals to be freed and companies targeted whom the activists deem to be “animal rights offenders.”

The Animal Liberation Front was Started in 1976

Their Agenda Still has Momentum Behind It

Humans consuming bugs may be a mainstream thing in a generation. In the world of “Bladerunner” and the book that the movie was based on, “Do Androids Dream of Electronic Sheep,” killing even a bug was considered deviant. In fact, during testing for humanity, questions relating to contemporary everyday insect and animal issues were used to screen out replicants. Empathy for animals in the world of Bladerunner was of utmost importance.

In the West, we are headed into territory that is somewhere between veganism as an individual choice and the ubiquitous “thou shalt not kill anything” attitude found in Bladerunner. A Jewish Lawyer for animals named Steven M. Wise wants to make sure society keeps moving towards Bladerunner sensibilities.

The Non Human Rights Project was founded by the aforementioned Jewish Lawyer Steven M. Wise. Wise gets monkeys legal standing in courts. It seems he’s trying to get precedents set so that animals have a semblance of the rights humans do. Apparently, he’s nor a fan of zoos.

Right now, Wise is targeting the Bronx Zoo in the Bronx, New York. He claims an elephant called Happy talked to him at the zoo when no one else was around or something.


Nonhuman Rights Project President Steven Wise said Happy is being unlawfully imprisoned in the Bronx Zoo.

“We think Happy is living within an acre of land,” Wise said. “She’s living on a postage stamp piece of land that is not appropriate for an elephant.

That is according to ABC 13WHAM.

Wise is going to court,

Wise wants Happy freed.

“Happy is an autonomous being and she can choose how to live her life,” said Wise.

Except, the elephant can’t exactly do that. If they let it out, if nothing else, someone is going to start feeding Happy. Said person might very well be able to claim finders keepers on that.

According to the Non Human Rights Project, they base their work on Habeas Corpus and Slave Law,

Habeas corpus is a centuries-old means of testing the lawfulness of one’s imprisonment before a court. It was used extensively in the 18th and 19th centuries to fight human slavery, and abolitionists often petitioned for common law writs of habeas corpus on behalf of enslaved individuals. 

No one was allowed to keep freed slaves. However, if someone lures Happy to their estate with peanuts and Happy wants to stay at said estate as a pet, I doubt any Jews lawyering is going to get Happy roaming free again.

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